Monday, February 22, 2010

sing a song. pass it on.

i like music.
i like to share.
it's almost spring.
and music and spring go together
like peanutbutter and jelly.
so here are some songs.
you should know.

who i am is not just me.

there is so much more to love
than black and white.

when all my faith is gone.
you bring it back to me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear John Doe

Everyone has them.
Family pictures from vacations.
And there is that one random person in the background.
picking their nose
or they have a wedgie.
And no matter how good the picture is of your family
that's the person everyone notices
and laughs at
that random person in that picture.
wonder how many other peoples pictures you're in.
you're that random person.

Or we all tell stories that include strangers.
"I was driving to work today and some jerk cut in front of me!"
We've all (sadly) been that jerk in someone's story to their family, we just don't hear about it.
"I was having the hardest day and the receptionist at my dentist office gave me a compliment, totally made my day!"
We've all (hopefully) been that "receptionist" in someone's story as well.

Well I flew home yesterday and my dog Kat picked me up from the airport.
We go get subway and head to my house to eat before she goes back to work.
All of you have been to my house.
You know the story.
My screen door handle is broken and I've been too busy (and slightly lazy) to fix it.
It would take zero time and spare me the embarrassment of being broken if i'd just fix it.
I laughed when we walked in and said "I swear, this week, I'm going to fix it!"
So we eat lunch.
She goes to work.
I'm feeling sick.
so I take a nap.

I wake up to a text from Kat.
"someone will be stopping by soon with a surprise"
Then she text me
"they already stopped by and left you a surprise!!!"
So I run to the door like a Kid running to their presents on Christmas.
Ok like me, a grown adult on Christmas.
And I see nothing.
No present.
No card.
Im getting ready to walk inside and I notice.
Oh. My. Gosh.
Someone fixed my door handle.
What? How? Who? huh?

I immediately text her back
"who was it? did they just stop by and I missed them?"
She said "it's someone you know. call this number, don't text and leave a message saying thank you!"
And I'm asking "who is it? who do I ask for? what is going on?"
i call.
no answer
just a voicemail.
it's john leave a message.
a true john doe.

I ask her who, is it someone I know?
And she said "they want to be john doe for now. Just be thankful!"

Ok first.
I'm a curious person.
soooo this becomes a game for me.
but I will not dig FOR NOW and try and figure it out.
I just want to say thanks.

it also made me think.
when was the last time i was a jane doe?
i think i've done a lot of nice things for people.
but when was the last thing i did something random and didn't take the pat on the back?
someone went out of the their way, fixed my door and didn't even want the thank you in person?

when was the last time you did that?
sent someone a kind note with no return address?
left someone a present at work?
told someones boss that this person was helpful and great at their job?

so many times i think we look to do good to get that pat on that back.
to get the "you're awesome, you rock!"

i think we should be john doe more often.
be that random person
that makes a girl at timber drive.
tear up on her door step.
because someone came out in the cold.
to fix a door handle.