Tuesday, December 29, 2009

just ask me.

i decided to edit my facebook.
take off all the personal info.
music. movies. hanging out tips.

i think we've all become too dependent on facebook.
it tells us everything about our friends.
we don't even need to talk anymore.
facebook updates us on anything and everything we need to know.
it shows us pictures of everyones weekend.
keeps us updated on their every move.
reminds us of birthdays (I am thankful for that)
basically facebook does all the work for us.
we don't have to get to know each other anymore.

ask me what my favorite movie is.
ask me what i like to sing to on the radio.
ask me what i do for fun.
if you really want to know me,
if you really want to figure out what makes me smile,
ask me.

Moving on.

My Christmas was a blast.
Here it is in a picture.
Everyone, meet my cousins.

there are 12 of us.
ranging in age from 28-15.
we're all different.
but we all have a bit of sarcasm in us.
some more than others :)
anyways, we're ranked, in order of favorite.
I proudly wear #6.
I'm pretty sure my real number is lower, but I will take a 6.
our parents wanted a nice picture of us.
we decided to pretend we're sleeping.
we're cool.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

here's to 2010

I've starting to think about my new years resolutions.

I am already super nice, sweet, honest, and in tip top shape so those are all out :)

there are a lot of things i don't want to lose.
every generation is different from the last, but there are some things i hope we keep passing on.
i'm making this my new years resolution.
that's right.
lindsay frail.
will keep these traditions alive.

one I think I'm going to do is talk on the phone more.
it's not that i don't like talking, i do.
it's just i don't make time for it.
i'm usually with people or too busy until my size 7 3/8 head hits the pillow
(i know, that's a large head)
but i think it's important to hear peoples voices.
hear their emotions.
too much texting. too many emails. we're losing touch.

i will write more letters and notes.
who doesn't love to get mail?
or a note on your car?
letters are words that are said that we can keep
and reread.

dancing. i love dancing.
in the kitchen, in the living room. out in the middle of the restaurant.
it's fun and who cares what others think.
i want to dance.
i don't have a dance partner yet.
i am taking applications.

i like to hug.
human touch.

we buy everything already made.
we let others make it all.
food. i was raised on everything homemade.
i can cook. well i can learn to cook.
i'm going to start making gifts from scratch.
i was a girl scout.
i can do this.

those are just a few, i'm going to think of more.
that's my plan.

hahahahahahah I hate seeing her sad but this picture rocks. classic. Santa is thinking " I don't get paid NEAR enough for this!" I love the caption at the bottom , "seasons greetings", right, that's what this picture says.

I get to babysit her for three whole days next week, if that isn't a Christmas present I don't know what is. love her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

how to clean the leaves 101

i like to jog in dc.
it's our nations capitol
it is indeed a well kept city.
however, the leaves.
let's talk leaves, they apparently don't like leaves here.
i pass approximately 20 people every morning "getting rid" of the leaves.

They use two different methods:

First method- leaf blower
grown men.
a leaf blower strapped to their back.
to move one leaf at a time.
maybe two.
across the sidewalk.
then they go back and get another one.

method number two- the hose
yep, hose.
water. LOTS of water.
this method can move about ten leaves at a time.
no worries on the world running out of water.
as long as we get rid of the leaves in front of 7-11.

i chuckle every morning.
they have to know this is a waste of time.
big waste of time.
get. a. broom.
get. the. job. done.

the end.

can't wait to get back to Nashville. oh how I miss everyone.

a picture for you.
carrie and i wen't shopping in georgetown.
i have a big head.
it didn't fit.