Tuesday, February 19, 2013

her name is Dee.

Sooooo I got a new number
i've never had a new number
so i texted my friends
emailed them
put a notice out on Facebook
i thought that was enough

but apparently some of you didn't get the memo

and well....
now when you get a new number
they recylce it
and give it to someone else.
haha i found out quickly that my old number
went to a woman

a woman by the name of Dee.

It started with Katelyn.
Shes my WindyGap homie
She text me to tell me that she just had the most awkward moments ever
she texted my old number and this woman told her 
that it wasn't Lindsay... and that her name was Dee
Sooo Katelyn being Katelyn text her back:
"soo awkward..." 
and then immediately texted me to tell me

so we're retelling the story at dinner a few days later 
and my friend Brittany almost jumps out of her seat!
"Oh my gosh I talked to her this week! There was a group text for Biblestudy and someone put your old number on there...and Dee kept asking to get taken off the group message but people didn't catch on that it wasn't you.." haha 

hahaha at this point I'm loving this. 
This poor woman.
although I imagined she's laughing at it all
at how awkward me and my friends are

So I go to work that week...
and my coworker calls me at my standing desk:

"Hi Lindsay, sorry I missed the call, I called your old cell number by mistake, it's not changed on the contact list. Oh by the way, the woman who has your number wanted me to tell you to tell your friends about your new number. Oh and that you still get a lot of picture messages from people!" 

hahahahahahahahahah hahah 

at this point, 3 people in 1 week have spoken to Dee
So then I start wondering 
"how many of my friends have spoken to Dee and never told me?"

so what is the natural thing for me to do?

text her myself of course! haha 
it was a bit weird texting my old number 
it was like texting lindsay from the past
anywho i send her a text

"Hi Dee..my name is lindsay. and apparently you have my old number. I am sorry that you keep getting text and calls from my friends, but they're really awesome people so if you want to talk to them feel free. They're some of the funniest people you'll ever meet, so I hope you enjoy it some."

and you know what?

she responded!! 

We ended up textin for about 30 minutes.

She then told me I got about 8 Christmas text
and a lot of new years text

and said i got some photos from friends at Christmas
and that she felt very loved

And we ended on this text:

Dee: Oh and you were supposed to pick someone up from the airport last weekend
Me: Oh no? Really? Well....Did you go get them Dee?
Dee: I thought about, my kids told me to tell them you were coming to get them, but I didn't!" 

haha Dee is funny! 
And I'm thankful I got to talk to her

Since then several of my friends have texted her

my cousin Austin
whom I have talked to from my new number
was texting her..something about Easy E at grandmas house?

and then a friend from the class of 2012 texted Dee
btw..miss you ross
anyways...I got this tweet from Ross

hahahaha ohhh Dee...
thank you for laughing with us...
thank you for being apart of my story
even if you didn't want to at all
I hope you enjoy it some

so if you get bored, text my old number
her name is Dee
Tell her hi
she's cool.