Saturday, September 11, 2010

remember the love.

we all remember
where we were when we heard.

i was coming home from volleyball practice
i walked into my dorm
and there are about 5 girls sitting in there.
i always left my door unlocked and they always crashed in my place
so this was a normal scene for me.
but the look on everyones faces
i won't ever forget.
no one knew what was going on.
everyone was in shock.

our RA grabbed her Bible and we all sat in the hall.
we had no idea what was going to happen.

they closed our campus immediately
because of the polymer science building
so we all had to leave
where were we going to go?
home was 3 hrs away.

i remember calling my mom bawling
thinking this was it
and that i was never going to see my family again.
ugh that feeling.

so i hopped in a car with some of my friends
and went to their parents
we sat around the tv for hours and cried
and prayed
and ate together
and tried to smile
but mostly cried
some of us had never been to nyc.
but it didn't matter.
it was our city.
our people.
all of us shared that pain.
we hugged and tried to tell each other it would be ok
but no one knew if it would

it's been 9 years.
9 years.
and sometimes i think we forgot what really happened that day.

a hate crime.
a horrific hate crime happened.
it doesn't matter the race. the religion.
hate is ugly no matter who does it.
a hate crime happened.
and we faced it with love.
we all came together.
ate with strangers.
cried and hugged with whomever was there.

for one day.
all we could do was love each other.
there was no other option
to love sooo deeply for those who were physically there
and love for the rest of us who were mentally attached.
we were soo sick with sadness that we would have done
anything that day for a stranger
given them food. money. let them stay at our homes.
we just loved.
because we all were suffering together.

we will always remember the day
but lets also remember what we felt.
we're all still hurting.
not just because of that day.
but because of life.
we all are suffering still.
so even though you may think life is dandy.
remember the days you were suffering and know
that not a day goes by that a stranger doesn't need you.
not a moment.
and 9 years ago we felt pain for someone else.
i mean physically felt someone elses heartache as our own.

we need to keep remembering that.
to keep on loving strangers.
not just when tragedy hits.
but everyday.
we don't need to remember how we felt that day.
once a year in september
to love that deeply.
ache that hard for strangers.