Monday, November 26, 2012


Listening to music.
Talking with God.
Perfect time to blog :)

I love to write
Write blogs
Write in my journal
Write love songs
And I love to share
Feelings are fun..we all have them
I’m not scrrd to show them

So I’ve loved some pretty romantic things in my life
I love looking for romance and anticipating it.
I believe God gives us romance to ignite the soul
Bring us together
To soften our hardened hearts
For men and women, romance is used to unite us and show us all God

I’ve always been a sap. 
I mean I listened to John Mayer exclusively for about a year in college.
I cry at every sappy song, commercial and movie. True story.
I see the sunrise as God’s way of saying “Good morning my lovely linds!”
When I see men carrying flowers I tear up. They look so joyful, so strong, they're a hero.
And if you hold my hand, well you hold my heart.

There are so many times in my life I’ve been open to romance.

My junior year we lived in “the sumner house”.
Gosh that house got broken into 3 times.
One time super scary, ugh thank you God for protecting us.
But anyways I loved that house, it’s true
I loved my window.
It over looked the main street and I’ll be honest
I picked that house because I could image a guy throwing rocks at my bedroom window.
It’s true.
I expected a guy to throw a rock at it and wake me up just to say hello.

I used to listen to the radio, just wanting to hear my name.
Hoping someone would dedicate a song to me

When someone shows up with flowers at work
I always think they’re for me from a handsome fella

You know those airplanes at the beach that drag those signs behind them?
They say "marry me sally"
or "4 subs for $5.00"
I always look for my name "love you lindsay!"

when I get the mail
i look for a random love letter

When someone knocks on my door at my house
I am always hoping it's a man in a suit and a bowtie
Wanting to surprise me and take me out dancing
in a parking lot.
anywhere. him and me.
All night.

These are not sad things
that haven't happened yet.
they're hope in romance.
My heart is not broken because they haven’t come true yet
I truly believe God made my heart like this
Because this is what He wants for me
Surprises. Romance. Me Being Vulnerable.
Expecting nothing less than a bold, romantic manly man.

Now over the years I imagine them happening.
But to actually believe they’ll show up?
To actually believe they'll happen?

I felt myself wondering.

Do I really believe in them anymore?

And that’s where I am.
That’s where a lot of us are.
We speak of God’s glory and Hope and Grace
But do we believe it.
We believe it for others
but do we believe it for ourselves?
Or has the world beat us down a bit?
Has the world made us dull?
Boring? Lazy? 

Do I really believe I'm worth it? Or have I let the world fool me into thinking 
I'm not worth it.

Have I forgotten I’m His Beloved?
That He’s not a boring God
He’s not a settling God

Do I really believe it? Do I still believe in Romance? Do you Still believe in Romance?

Not that He MIGHT bring you someone
Not that He will bring you someone that you think is “Alright”
Not someone just so you're not alone.
But that He’ll bring you someone that makes your stomach flip constantly.
Will always make it flip.
Someone that makes you want to run around the house screaming because they’re so stinking cute
Someone that you think of and smile. They always make you smile.
Someone you think of while you're getting ready
Wondering if they’ll like your outfit

That person that makes you smile and you don’t know why
That person that you are just pure joy around 

That person that words are said with out words being spoken
That kind of relationship you’ve always heard of but never seen up close.
That person that …if they’re near you, it feels right. You feel stronger.
That person that is just easy when you’re near, and a bit “somethings missing” when they’re not around

That person exist
You are this person to someone else. you are.
Because that’s how God sees you
His beloved
He sees me like that
So why would we settle for anything less than someone that has the image of God.
No they won’t be perfect.
And you’ll have to fight off some big fears to get there because
Of course the devil hates when the union is formed
But …ahhhhh believe you’re beloved
It’s not going to be “ehhh it’s ok”
It’s going to be outrageous
You'll find yourself driving in your car in the middle of the night
Because you have to see them
Have to tell them hi
Just to see their face

So I’m going to document it.
Film it.
Not just for me.
But for all of us.

To expose lies us lovely ladies have been believing and
Get our hearts back to where God wants them
To believe in Romance
To let yourself be someones beauty.
Believe you're God's beauty.
The crown of creation.

And to free the handsome Men
And let them be bold and strong in Him
In romance
To say "Go ahead, fight hard, go get her!"
Fight for her.

The devil doesn’t want us all to walk together
But dag gone it
Guess what …
God already won
He’ll keep winning.
He promises

So this documentary will be about being chosen
About being beloved
About expecting nothing but the most romantic things in your life.
I'm sure I'll tie music in it somehow
If you're one of my friends, I'm sure I'll include you in it somehow.
But it's about love. God tells us to love.
That means ourselves. Means believe it. Truly have hope in it.
If we can't have hope in beautiful crazy love, do we really have Hope in Him?

That's where God lives.
In the unexplainable.
In the out of our mind crazy moments
in the "too good to be true" moments.
All we have to do is choose to believe and then go.
Do you believe God, a God of relationships would forget you?
Or worse? Give you one that is"Ehhh it's ok, he's ok."
heck no.
Heck no.
He wants to see you jump and sing and for the men to chase that girl of their dreams
and that girl to spin and dance and sing and be lovely and be beautiful.
He wants us to shine.
he's God...come on..
ahhhhhhh I love how He can ignite my soul so much!

Yay for documentaries
Yay for the adventure God has called us all on
Yay for God making me outside of the box like Him!
Who wants to go with me on this journey of life?
Only the brave and wild need apply :)