Sunday, December 16, 2012

pure joy

it was 6 am and about 20 degrees out
we stood outside for over an hour
it felt like 10 years..
time was creeping by

i was moving my fingers
to make sure they weren't frozen in my pockets
when all of the sudden we heard something coming from afar
we heard a quiet chant
it kept getting louder
then we heard jogging
they were running our way
500 of them
running right at us
the sun has just begun to rise
so all we could see were the reflectors on their matching sweat suits
they had flags with their platoon numbers
but they were really hard to read
i begin desperately trying to see his flag
i'm jumping up and down
looking for the numbers "98"

31 something..nooooo

and there it was ...


i knew he was in the second row
furthest on the left
1....2....scanning over to the left
and there he was...there was the frail nose
and i couldn't help but scream...uncontrollably


and there it was ..that grin
the grin he's always had
one smile and everything was ok
better than ok
my heart felt pure joy
raw emotion and love

3 months of missing
3 long months of waiting
all worth it to see that smile

as quickly as they came they were gone
but that was ok..i knew they were coming back

about 20 minutes later they ran by again
1st platoon runs by ..
2nd platoon runs by...

then the 3rd...3098...
my eyes row 2..
there he is....
he's ok. he's better then ok..he's right in front of us.

my family couldn't even control ourselves
it was like we were 15-yr-olds at a justin beiber concert
and with his drill instructor right there.
his platoon surrounding him...
we saw a little grin.

there was zach frail.

i moved my eyes off of him for a second
and saw the guys behind him smiling too..
everyone heard us..
and we didn't care.
that was my brother
and he was ok...he was right there.

a few hours after the jog
the longest two hours EVER
their instructor gave a talk
i have no idea what he said
i was just waiting for him to finish
and then they open the big garage doors of the arena
and they walk in..
the graduates
i hear their instructor say "we're going to give you your Christmas present early."
He says a few more things
i don't remember what he said to be honest
i was literally about to black out
ha i kept reminding myself to breathe and not to lock my knees
haha no joke...

i see them begin to remove the red stanchions between us and them....
between my family and my brother
and we all just started running
i have no idea what came over me.. 
we dug through a whole platoon of men
and there he was.
i can't even explain what my heart felt!!
one big hug (he smelled like aqua velva)
and it was ok

he was there...
right there.
and i was so thankful

we spent the rest of the week
spending time with him
watching him march in his graduation
getting to eat his first meal off base
boarding a plane so he could go home and see his friends
and just hearing some amazing stories of what his life was like
what his life will be like
who he's grown into in 3 short months.

i pray i never forget those moments
of pure joy
joy where i couldn't keep my feet on the ground
i couldn't stop jumping
i couldn't stop smiling
i couldn't stop crying
just so happy to  see him
so happy to see him smile
that same smile...but he was different
seeing him grown up into a wonderful man
i recognized his boyish smile but  he was a grown up
and just smiling
just so happy to see him

i can't explain what my heart felt this past week
it was some of the purest joy i've ever felt

i have a lot of joy in my life
but this was the closest to pure joy i think i've ever felt
and this was just a GLIMPSE of  God's joy

i was just standing there at one point in awe of God
i wouldn't have planned the part where we couldn't talk
for 3 months
i wouldn't have planned the waiting
the patience part
i wouldn't have picked his career
it wasn't safe enough for me
in fact it's dangerous
i wouldn't have done a lot of the things God did

and it just hit me this week
i would have missed that moment
of pure joy
of feeling that absolute love for my brother
if God would have let me plan it

i know this is just the beginning of a new road in his life
in all our lives
but thank you Lord for letting me see
how something i would be too scared to ever pick
ever love
a path that seemed too scary and hard one year ago
could just be such joy in my life today
i would have missed it all
if you let me plan it

thank you
thank you for planning life better than me

and  if you know Zach
ask him to tell you some stories
especially the "you already know....." story
and make sure he does it in "the voice"
you're fun God
really fun

Monday, November 26, 2012


Listening to music.
Talking with God.
Perfect time to blog :)

I love to write
Write blogs
Write in my journal
Write love songs
And I love to share
Feelings are fun..we all have them
I’m not scrrd to show them

So I’ve loved some pretty romantic things in my life
I love looking for romance and anticipating it.
I believe God gives us romance to ignite the soul
Bring us together
To soften our hardened hearts
For men and women, romance is used to unite us and show us all God

I’ve always been a sap. 
I mean I listened to John Mayer exclusively for about a year in college.
I cry at every sappy song, commercial and movie. True story.
I see the sunrise as God’s way of saying “Good morning my lovely linds!”
When I see men carrying flowers I tear up. They look so joyful, so strong, they're a hero.
And if you hold my hand, well you hold my heart.

There are so many times in my life I’ve been open to romance.

My junior year we lived in “the sumner house”.
Gosh that house got broken into 3 times.
One time super scary, ugh thank you God for protecting us.
But anyways I loved that house, it’s true
I loved my window.
It over looked the main street and I’ll be honest
I picked that house because I could image a guy throwing rocks at my bedroom window.
It’s true.
I expected a guy to throw a rock at it and wake me up just to say hello.

I used to listen to the radio, just wanting to hear my name.
Hoping someone would dedicate a song to me

When someone shows up with flowers at work
I always think they’re for me from a handsome fella

You know those airplanes at the beach that drag those signs behind them?
They say "marry me sally"
or "4 subs for $5.00"
I always look for my name "love you lindsay!"

when I get the mail
i look for a random love letter

When someone knocks on my door at my house
I am always hoping it's a man in a suit and a bowtie
Wanting to surprise me and take me out dancing
in a parking lot.
anywhere. him and me.
All night.

These are not sad things
that haven't happened yet.
they're hope in romance.
My heart is not broken because they haven’t come true yet
I truly believe God made my heart like this
Because this is what He wants for me
Surprises. Romance. Me Being Vulnerable.
Expecting nothing less than a bold, romantic manly man.

Now over the years I imagine them happening.
But to actually believe they’ll show up?
To actually believe they'll happen?

I felt myself wondering.

Do I really believe in them anymore?

And that’s where I am.
That’s where a lot of us are.
We speak of God’s glory and Hope and Grace
But do we believe it.
We believe it for others
but do we believe it for ourselves?
Or has the world beat us down a bit?
Has the world made us dull?
Boring? Lazy? 

Do I really believe I'm worth it? Or have I let the world fool me into thinking 
I'm not worth it.

Have I forgotten I’m His Beloved?
That He’s not a boring God
He’s not a settling God

Do I really believe it? Do I still believe in Romance? Do you Still believe in Romance?

Not that He MIGHT bring you someone
Not that He will bring you someone that you think is “Alright”
Not someone just so you're not alone.
But that He’ll bring you someone that makes your stomach flip constantly.
Will always make it flip.
Someone that makes you want to run around the house screaming because they’re so stinking cute
Someone that you think of and smile. They always make you smile.
Someone you think of while you're getting ready
Wondering if they’ll like your outfit

That person that makes you smile and you don’t know why
That person that you are just pure joy around 

That person that words are said with out words being spoken
That kind of relationship you’ve always heard of but never seen up close.
That person that …if they’re near you, it feels right. You feel stronger.
That person that is just easy when you’re near, and a bit “somethings missing” when they’re not around

That person exist
You are this person to someone else. you are.
Because that’s how God sees you
His beloved
He sees me like that
So why would we settle for anything less than someone that has the image of God.
No they won’t be perfect.
And you’ll have to fight off some big fears to get there because
Of course the devil hates when the union is formed
But …ahhhhh believe you’re beloved
It’s not going to be “ehhh it’s ok”
It’s going to be outrageous
You'll find yourself driving in your car in the middle of the night
Because you have to see them
Have to tell them hi
Just to see their face

So I’m going to document it.
Film it.
Not just for me.
But for all of us.

To expose lies us lovely ladies have been believing and
Get our hearts back to where God wants them
To believe in Romance
To let yourself be someones beauty.
Believe you're God's beauty.
The crown of creation.

And to free the handsome Men
And let them be bold and strong in Him
In romance
To say "Go ahead, fight hard, go get her!"
Fight for her.

The devil doesn’t want us all to walk together
But dag gone it
Guess what …
God already won
He’ll keep winning.
He promises

So this documentary will be about being chosen
About being beloved
About expecting nothing but the most romantic things in your life.
I'm sure I'll tie music in it somehow
If you're one of my friends, I'm sure I'll include you in it somehow.
But it's about love. God tells us to love.
That means ourselves. Means believe it. Truly have hope in it.
If we can't have hope in beautiful crazy love, do we really have Hope in Him?

That's where God lives.
In the unexplainable.
In the out of our mind crazy moments
in the "too good to be true" moments.
All we have to do is choose to believe and then go.
Do you believe God, a God of relationships would forget you?
Or worse? Give you one that is"Ehhh it's ok, he's ok."
heck no.
Heck no.
He wants to see you jump and sing and for the men to chase that girl of their dreams
and that girl to spin and dance and sing and be lovely and be beautiful.
He wants us to shine.
he's God...come on..
ahhhhhhh I love how He can ignite my soul so much!

Yay for documentaries
Yay for the adventure God has called us all on
Yay for God making me outside of the box like Him!
Who wants to go with me on this journey of life?
Only the brave and wild need apply :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

why i run

i went for a really long jog this morning
shelby bottoms is just so gorgeous
and i just couldn't help but think
of how running started for me
when i first started running

3 years ago my friends and i ran our first 1/2 marathon
we trained with TNT
i was NOT a runner
i loved to play sports
all the time anytime
a tad too competitive at times
but running, nah...
not a runner
people fit into two categories
runners vs. non runners

(haha when in life can you ever put people in two groups?)

i was a non
but we were all going to train for TNT
train to be as strong as lauraine
train to be runners
or at least train enough to pretend to be runners

needless to say that first 1/2 was amazing
words can't describe it
it was soooo hard
physically and mentally hard
but running with my closest friends
training for months
singing the rocky theme song everyday to inspire us
and to cross the line...
i think every single one of us cried
it didn't matter what our finish time was
or how many times we had to stop
or who came in first
we did it
we crossed the finish line
the mental line of
"no way, too hard" to
"i just did it!"

i thought that would be my first and last 1/2 marathon.
but for some reason i just keep running
it's still a huge challenge for me to run
so i keep doing it.
i would have thought it would have gotten easier
but no
it's still a mental challenge
of left foot..right foot..left foot...right foot...13.1 miles done.

i love running before the sun rises
in the dark
it feels like only God and I are awake
and that one crazy dog that sometimes chases me
and makes me scream in terror EVERY time

haha anywho..
i feel like no one can touch that time
in the dark..running.
i've grown to love to run
to love those morning runs

i run because everyday i have a million excuses
why i don't want to run
why i don't have time
why i don't feel like it
so i run in spite of those
in the face of those excuses
running challenges me daily.

so i run.

today as i'm running
i'm thinking of how similar life is
to running for me
especially my life right now

it's left foot..right foot..left foot...
and sometimes i run fast
sometimes i run with my best friends by my side
sometimes i have to run at a different pace than normal so i can run with a friend
sometimes i have to run alone...

sometimes i'm literally barely making it up the hill
practically crawling up these TN hills
sometimes i'm running..palms open..down a hill
with the wind in my hair
sometimes i trip and fall flat on my face..and break my phone
ha yeah that happened
sometimes i choose not to run
sometimes He tells me to walk instead of run..
to slow down.

but every run i go on
God is always by my side
and it's always a choice
a choice to run..or to say no not today
but i get to make the choice
to move my feet

and sometimes i don't want to
but i run because every step i take
makes me stronger
makes me lean into God more and more
to need his strength to be who He wants me to be
to need him to move my feet

2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

He loved us first.

you've heard it
i've heard it
love like God loves us
love like God
He loved us first
to show us the way
to teach us how to love

i was thinking this morning
as i was drinking out of my little pig mug
(thank you ethal)

and i was thinking...

what if God loved like i love?
loved like we love here on earth?
very little at times
mediocre a lot of times?

sure we like a lot of people
but love
truly love
love is fearless
bold love
loving the unloveable
the kind of love that makes everyone look at you and go:

"wow they're acting crazy right now! I want what they have!" kind of love

then i started thinking
what it would be like
if God didn't love first
if His love looked like our love
if He loved the way we loved

What if He.....
Loved only when He felt like loving us
Loved only if He had evidence that we would love Him back
Loved only when He wanted too
Loved only when we weren't being annoying :)
Loved only when the timing was right
Loved only the ones that were easy to love
Loved only when He found the patience to love
Loved only those who believed in Him
Loved only when He knew the outcome
Loved only those that earned His love

What if He loved like we do sometimes?
Like I do sometimes?

ahhhh i hope that makes you just
want to jump up and try and hug him
or fall to your knees
that He loved first
that He loves us in a way we can't even grasp
He doesn't love like we love
He loves better

Thank you Lord for loving us so well
for loving us more than we'll ever be able to understand
for showing

"You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this : While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:6-8

Sunday, April 29, 2012

for the men i love

this one is kind of hard to write
but i need to be honest
to the men in my life
whether you've known it or not
you're a huge impact in my life

if you're a man in my life
whether you're family
or someone i call friend
it means i love you
i love you.
it means God had it planned
before i was born.
that you and i would walk some of this life
or the rest of my life

and i will speak from my heart here
from me to you
a man i love

i want you to help me
help me to be the woman in proverbs 31
you are not my God.
i don't expect you to be God to me.
you're off the hook on that one.
you're a sinner like me
a great sinner.

but there was a reason Adam was a man
and Eve was a woman
God made us brilliantly different
and even though sometimes
i'm way too prideful to say it

i need you

all of us women need you
we need the men in our lives
to be Godly men
i need you to be a Godly man.

and it's truly a battle with the devil
in my heart
guarding my heart daily.
i have wars in my head
even though i hear God tell me one thing
the world tells me another
and before i even get to the front door
sometimes i forget what God has said to me

so you can imagine how hard it is to believe in love
and romance
every moment i let God talk into my life
he reminds me of romance and love
He tries to tell me beautiful secrets of His plans for me
of romance and outrageous ridiculous love and hope
and I'll rejoice

but then i go out into the world and get beat up a bit
now i'm not helpless at all
God has very much given me weapons
to fight it off

but men....
please know
i'm looking to you too
God put you in my life
and i know you're not perfect
and i know you want to do what you want to do sometimes
or just accept that we're all just sinners
but know
who you are is not just you

i'm watching
all us ladies are watching you
we're wanting to be led.
someone to walk with God
with us

i know you pray to be bold men
i know your hearts are there
but once you pray
believes He's heard
and faith does take action
so move
be Bold

I think all the men i love..
should read "captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge
it's about woman's heart
and how God made our hearts
for Him
and to be romanced
which takes a Godly man


we're not helpless with out you
we are complete in Him
but He did make you first
so we're watching
just hoping for some help to choose God over fear
you can either help guide us to God
or lead us astray
very rarely is it not one of those.

men in my life
please listen to Him
your call

tell the woman in your life
doesn't have to be me
your wife
your sister
your gal pal
your mother

she's adored
she's missed
your favorite thing about her
surprise her
show her romance
i know i know
ewww romance
but God's heart to a woman is romance
and wimpy men don't show that
passive men
be a man of God

i know you fear rejection
but pride is the fall of man
Jesus was humble
and loved boldly
you were made that way

i guess i've never thought to tell you
that if you're a man in my life
that you can do it.
i know you think you can't
but you can
God made you to be the man
to love us women strongly
to walk like Christ
the devil wants you to think you can't
you're not enough
but you ARE

you are strong enough in Him
You can do all things through Christ
but you have to try
keep going
the best version of you
exist when you are walking closest with Him

God will be there no matter what
but don't settle for what other men are doing
what other men are settling to be because it looks easier
please please please
i beg you
men in my life
please step up to the call of God
lead when you're called to lead us
lead me

be foolish
be bold 
for Him
i know you think you're not ready
but God made you born ready
to be Christ like men
you just have to accept

because the women in your life
are trusting you
i am trusting you

Exodus 15:2 "The LORD is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise Him, my fathers God, and I will exalt Him."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

in my daughter's eyes

i had a tough day today
pretty just ..
in my own head kind of tough
doubting what i'm doing in life
if i'm really hearing him
or am i making it all up?
the radical
insane things
God is calling me to do
doubting all of it

today i doubted the things he is placing on my heart
doubted the people he is placing on my heart
it's too hard God
it doesn't make sense
i picked doubt
i picked fear
i picked the world over Him

on my way home i heard this song
it's a song from a mom to her daughter
always reminds me of my mama
and i turned the station
heard the chords
i was going to change it because I wasn't in the mood for it
(sorry martina)
and i just heard God say to listen
from me to you
and for the first time I heard the lyrics like it was
from the father
about me

and this was the exact part i heard
from him to me

It's hangin' on when your heart
has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future

A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes 

i had to pull the car over
you shouldn't drive and bawl
it's more dangerous than texting and driving

but how awesome and humbling
and creative is He?
to speak to me in song
 because i'm too small
to even GRASP
what he's placing on my heart
He finds a way to reach me

to tell me He loves me
to hang on
keep picking faith
even if it seems radical
He has us
He has me

every day
every moment
i get to choose
to fear God
or fear the world
i get to choose to be used
or to fear being used

and sometimes
a lot of times
i pick the world
i fear what the world thinks

I've just realized
i'm not a good rule follower
i'm not a good in the box thinker
i'm only good
when i'm radical
when what God puts on my heart
that I have to go "nooooo way is that going to happen"
because only in those radical moments
when i can't even grasp the concept of how it would work
do i actually get out of my own way
to see him

and thankfully
in the war of doubt and faith
He always wins
He has won
and he is jealous for me
and wants me too

Psalm 28:7 "The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My funny valentine

i love love.
love feeling it.
love giving it.
i love valentines decorations.
obnoxious reds and pinks.
i love walking into the stores and just seeing it all.

i was trying to think of my favorite valentines ever
the time my parents got me valentines day barbie
made my heart melt
the thought of my first box of chocolates from a boy
made me smile

but the one that wins
was the one that made me laugh so hard

5th grade
my neighbor and best friend Tara
was dating my DISTANT cousin AJ

they were in love
5th grade kind of love
pure and fearless

and she wanted to do something special for him
on valentines day
and their song was "i swear" by all-4-one
she wanted to sing it to him
but she couldn't sing

yep. it goes there.

so she ask me if i would sing it to him
so they could slow dance in her basement together

yep. i said yep.

so we go over to his house.
and i sing
"i swear'
to my cousin
while he slow dances with my friend.

laughing just thinking of how
it was.

haha and i can't listen to that song with out thinking
about that strange moment
 ha hey i told you i love love
even if i'm just the background singer sometimes.

so here it is.

BoyzIIMen pandora is BRILLIANT
babyface will appear on it.
All-4 one
KC & Jo Jo
old school mariah
all my favorites

Happy Valentines day.
Spend it accepting the Love that is given to you 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

i'm still a dreamer

i have always been a big dreamer

it started young.

i used to want to be an astronaut
neil armstrong grew up near me
so after so many trips to the museam
and constantly eating "space icecream"
i wanted to walk on the moon

then i wanted to be a doctor
hahah that's funny
not because it's so far fetched
but because i pass out at the mention of blood
i am probably the only person in the history of the "body museum"
to black out while just looking at the bodies
but i wanted to be a doctor

i also played roller hockey everyday in the summer
for hours and hours on end
all guys
and then me
i watched the mighty ducks all the time
i had every intention on playing in the olympics...
on the guys team :)

i took dance lessons
haha you know i love to dance
and after one year decided i was going to be the next big thing
i was meant to shine as a dancer
watch out boys II men
i knew the motownphilly dance
and once they would see me dance
they'd ask me to go on tour with them.

and i read all the "Boxcar Children" books
over and over again
I wanted to be homeless
no joke
and live in an old boxcar in the woods
and make my own silverware

haha my point is.
a lot of people
stop thinking
that can happen
they stop dreaming
we stop seeing
the world like a child
we stop believing any of that can ever be true

and i know that i'm still a dreamer
because God never let that part of me die
so thankful for that
He never wants us to stop believing
to stop believing that yes we have work to do
but believe that life can be full of adventure as well.
He wants us all to dream
have Hope

i think that's why so many of us get grumpy
some of ya'all are OLD
haha you are.
hey age is just a number. promise.
some of you just got old way too fast.
because you do what you think you're supposed to do
go to work. go home. eat. sleep. repeat.
yes we need to work.
but who decided we had to do the same thing
i know the world tells us after college we need to grow up
we do need to pay bills
but growing up is something i never intend to do

the world needs dreams
it needs you to stop doing what you've be taught to do
be spontaneous
do something that makes you scared
do something that someone will think is nuts
and thank GOD my parents never said
"our daughter is insane, we should take her to the doctor!"
well they probably did but they never let me hear them say it.

we all have that kid in us.
never get old.
remember what it was to be 4 and believe
there is a reason people always talk
about the "good old days!"
those aren't gone
we just forgot what it was like to dream
to keep a young hopeful loving heart
peter pan style

since i went back to my childhood
here it is
my first song
my first slow dance
ahhhh the first slow dance
where i dreamed of being swept off my feet
and my heart never went back

and just so you can have a picture
of how i was "attempting" to dance

ok i'm going to go put on my boyz II men pandora
dance around my house
and get ready to go see my friends
love you like i love roller hockey

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

life is a pinterest board

i seriously love it.
love getting new ideas
love seeing what my friends love
sharing the same ideas with friends.
it's just so much fun.

for those of you who don't pinterest
and it should ONLY be guys
every female should have it
but for those of you who don't know
i'll explain

there are millions of things on pinterest
DIY ideas
home decor
fashion ideas
etc etc etc

so you find the pictures you like
and "pin" them
and make what they call boards
so i have a "baking like a bodell"board
so i'll "pin" recipes that i like
and put them on my "baking like a bodell" board
so I can go back later and make those yummy brownies or cookies
or i can burn them and undercook them all at the same time
haha truly it happened and i couldn't help but laugh

your friends on pinterest can see the things you "pin" and "repin" it to their boards
so it's really a way of sharing
i get all of my "pins" from a friend that has already pinned it.
i see a friend from work has pinned a shirt she likes
i pin it
then a friend from college can pin it
just like that...a friend of a friend of a friend all have "pinned" the same shirt

as i'm looking at my friends boards
i start thinking of how it really is just like life

most of the things in our lives
come from someone else
you laughed today because someone made you laugh
you saw someone wear a huge scarf so you decided to do it too
you smiled because someone smiled at you

but on the flip side remember
you are that someone that "pins" it first
you could be the one that didn't brush their hair
put it in a messy bun
someone saw it and.... started the messy bun

you could be uber grumpy at the coffee shop
but decide to smile at the cashier anyways
and ask her how she is
and she smiles back
and that brightens her day
so she then she goes and smiles to her coworker
and then he goes home and smiles at his wife instead
of picking a fight with her bc he had a bad day
etc. etc.

i know it's a generic concept
but that's because it doesn't need to be complicated
it's simple

"who i am is not just me"

we are all sooooo intertwined
we have to take remember that
we all share this life
we're all one big pinterest board
we have to stop living this life like we're the only ones
like no one else can see
like no one else is affected
like no one else NEEDS to see someone do something good first
some people CAN'T pin first
they CAN'T show love when they hate someone
so you can go
you can go be used first
you can show love when you're mad
show kindness to someone you barely know
and somehow
will see
and they will "repin" it
they will find enough courage
to do what you did

decide everyday
how you want to be seen
what you want to pass on
what you want to "pin" on your board
do you want to be just another grump
or do you want to show people love

it's really that simple
we all influence each other
choose to shine love

ok so these are some of my favorite things on pinterest
i tend to love quotes
shocker words of affirmation here
and pictures
love pictures

hahaha this is EXACTLY what I look like when i run!!

i truly believe one of God's greatest gift is laughter in the toughest times.

the water, the moutains, a cute guy to row while i'll nap= perfection.
dancing in the kitchen. dancing anywhere.

life motto. every decision you get to choose. faith or fear.

this is where you will find mine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

my friends rock

you know what they say
when you know you just know?
it's easy?
it falls into place?
well i just knew
i just know.

no matter what
these friends
our paths
were meant to be
nothing any of us earned
just Grace shown by God
He knew we would need each other
to laugh with
to cry with
to burn pasta with
to tell us when we're being grump humps
to help hang things on our walls ;)

God knew.
when i moved to nashville
i needed them
before i did

they're beautiful
inside and out
they're refreshing
and calm
they're a light when it's dark

and even when im a bad friend
when i'm too tired
when i'm too hyper
whatever it is
i can't lose them
they are a gift from God.
just thankful.

Ecc 4:9-11 " Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?"