Saturday, January 28, 2012

i'm still a dreamer

i have always been a big dreamer

it started young.

i used to want to be an astronaut
neil armstrong grew up near me
so after so many trips to the museam
and constantly eating "space icecream"
i wanted to walk on the moon

then i wanted to be a doctor
hahah that's funny
not because it's so far fetched
but because i pass out at the mention of blood
i am probably the only person in the history of the "body museum"
to black out while just looking at the bodies
but i wanted to be a doctor

i also played roller hockey everyday in the summer
for hours and hours on end
all guys
and then me
i watched the mighty ducks all the time
i had every intention on playing in the olympics...
on the guys team :)

i took dance lessons
haha you know i love to dance
and after one year decided i was going to be the next big thing
i was meant to shine as a dancer
watch out boys II men
i knew the motownphilly dance
and once they would see me dance
they'd ask me to go on tour with them.

and i read all the "Boxcar Children" books
over and over again
I wanted to be homeless
no joke
and live in an old boxcar in the woods
and make my own silverware

haha my point is.
a lot of people
stop thinking
that can happen
they stop dreaming
we stop seeing
the world like a child
we stop believing any of that can ever be true

and i know that i'm still a dreamer
because God never let that part of me die
so thankful for that
He never wants us to stop believing
to stop believing that yes we have work to do
but believe that life can be full of adventure as well.
He wants us all to dream
have Hope

i think that's why so many of us get grumpy
some of ya'all are OLD
haha you are.
hey age is just a number. promise.
some of you just got old way too fast.
because you do what you think you're supposed to do
go to work. go home. eat. sleep. repeat.
yes we need to work.
but who decided we had to do the same thing
i know the world tells us after college we need to grow up
we do need to pay bills
but growing up is something i never intend to do

the world needs dreams
it needs you to stop doing what you've be taught to do
be spontaneous
do something that makes you scared
do something that someone will think is nuts
and thank GOD my parents never said
"our daughter is insane, we should take her to the doctor!"
well they probably did but they never let me hear them say it.

we all have that kid in us.
never get old.
remember what it was to be 4 and believe
there is a reason people always talk
about the "good old days!"
those aren't gone
we just forgot what it was like to dream
to keep a young hopeful loving heart
peter pan style

since i went back to my childhood
here it is
my first song
my first slow dance
ahhhh the first slow dance
where i dreamed of being swept off my feet
and my heart never went back

and just so you can have a picture
of how i was "attempting" to dance

ok i'm going to go put on my boyz II men pandora
dance around my house
and get ready to go see my friends
love you like i love roller hockey

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

life is a pinterest board

i seriously love it.
love getting new ideas
love seeing what my friends love
sharing the same ideas with friends.
it's just so much fun.

for those of you who don't pinterest
and it should ONLY be guys
every female should have it
but for those of you who don't know
i'll explain

there are millions of things on pinterest
DIY ideas
home decor
fashion ideas
etc etc etc

so you find the pictures you like
and "pin" them
and make what they call boards
so i have a "baking like a bodell"board
so i'll "pin" recipes that i like
and put them on my "baking like a bodell" board
so I can go back later and make those yummy brownies or cookies
or i can burn them and undercook them all at the same time
haha truly it happened and i couldn't help but laugh

your friends on pinterest can see the things you "pin" and "repin" it to their boards
so it's really a way of sharing
i get all of my "pins" from a friend that has already pinned it.
i see a friend from work has pinned a shirt she likes
i pin it
then a friend from college can pin it
just like that...a friend of a friend of a friend all have "pinned" the same shirt

as i'm looking at my friends boards
i start thinking of how it really is just like life

most of the things in our lives
come from someone else
you laughed today because someone made you laugh
you saw someone wear a huge scarf so you decided to do it too
you smiled because someone smiled at you

but on the flip side remember
you are that someone that "pins" it first
you could be the one that didn't brush their hair
put it in a messy bun
someone saw it and.... started the messy bun

you could be uber grumpy at the coffee shop
but decide to smile at the cashier anyways
and ask her how she is
and she smiles back
and that brightens her day
so she then she goes and smiles to her coworker
and then he goes home and smiles at his wife instead
of picking a fight with her bc he had a bad day
etc. etc.

i know it's a generic concept
but that's because it doesn't need to be complicated
it's simple

"who i am is not just me"

we are all sooooo intertwined
we have to take remember that
we all share this life
we're all one big pinterest board
we have to stop living this life like we're the only ones
like no one else can see
like no one else is affected
like no one else NEEDS to see someone do something good first
some people CAN'T pin first
they CAN'T show love when they hate someone
so you can go
you can go be used first
you can show love when you're mad
show kindness to someone you barely know
and somehow
will see
and they will "repin" it
they will find enough courage
to do what you did

decide everyday
how you want to be seen
what you want to pass on
what you want to "pin" on your board
do you want to be just another grump
or do you want to show people love

it's really that simple
we all influence each other
choose to shine love

ok so these are some of my favorite things on pinterest
i tend to love quotes
shocker words of affirmation here
and pictures
love pictures

hahaha this is EXACTLY what I look like when i run!!

i truly believe one of God's greatest gift is laughter in the toughest times.

the water, the moutains, a cute guy to row while i'll nap= perfection.
dancing in the kitchen. dancing anywhere.

life motto. every decision you get to choose. faith or fear.

this is where you will find mine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

my friends rock

you know what they say
when you know you just know?
it's easy?
it falls into place?
well i just knew
i just know.

no matter what
these friends
our paths
were meant to be
nothing any of us earned
just Grace shown by God
He knew we would need each other
to laugh with
to cry with
to burn pasta with
to tell us when we're being grump humps
to help hang things on our walls ;)

God knew.
when i moved to nashville
i needed them
before i did

they're beautiful
inside and out
they're refreshing
and calm
they're a light when it's dark

and even when im a bad friend
when i'm too tired
when i'm too hyper
whatever it is
i can't lose them
they are a gift from God.
just thankful.

Ecc 4:9-11 " Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?"