Monday, May 20, 2013

You can't plan it.

A wise woman by the name of Aggie once told me 
"You can't plan it!!!" 
ha and it took me a long time to even agree to that
for a long time I thought "yes I can" 
but she was right
you can't plan it.
but there is a second half to not planning
it's learning to accept what God gives you and who He gives you 
as a gift
sometimes we miss the gift because we're so busy looking forward
asking God for something new
or something easier
sometimes we get so busy trying to plan it all out
that we forget to see it as a gift
forget that He's brought us here
where He's brought us from
we forget to say thank you for where we are

sometimes i'm so busy wondering about the future
i forget to look at exactly where i am
and exactly who i'm standing next too
our God is an amazing God
and He's also extremely detailed
so intentional
look at your thumb print
look at the sunrise
how can you not be in awe of His every detail?

so I love to look at where i've come from
where i'm standing
who He has in my life
who He talks to me about
and instead of wondering what comes next 
i just like to say 
thank you
thank you God for putting me here
bringing me from there
and letting me walk with these people.

here are just a few photos
of goodness in my life
of the people God intentionally placed in my life

 my birthday. learning to receive love and His goodness. overwhelming
 a balloon and a card on my car reminding me i'm loved.
 celebrating one of our best friends marrying this man. welcome to the fam brian.
 friendships that i didn't even know i needed when i moved here.
 double rainbows. reminder of how big and romantic God is.
 drew and ellie. reminder of how music makes me feel closer to Him. and makes me dance.
 these girls. they make me happy.
far more than a coworker with this one
 summer of adventure and seeking God's pure joy started on this day with them.
this is my church. beyond humbling. beyond joy. He knew what I needed better than I did.
 my family is cray cray. and i wouldn't have it any other way.