Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My funny valentine

i love love.
love feeling it.
love giving it.
i love valentines decorations.
obnoxious reds and pinks.
i love walking into the stores and just seeing it all.

i was trying to think of my favorite valentines ever
the time my parents got me valentines day barbie
made my heart melt
the thought of my first box of chocolates from a boy
made me smile

but the one that wins
was the one that made me laugh so hard

5th grade
my neighbor and best friend Tara
was dating my DISTANT cousin AJ

they were in love
5th grade kind of love
pure and fearless

and she wanted to do something special for him
on valentines day
and their song was "i swear" by all-4-one
she wanted to sing it to him
but she couldn't sing

yep. it goes there.

so she ask me if i would sing it to him
so they could slow dance in her basement together

yep. i said yep.

so we go over to his house.
and i sing
"i swear'
to my cousin
while he slow dances with my friend.

laughing just thinking of how
it was.

haha and i can't listen to that song with out thinking
about that strange moment
 ha hey i told you i love love
even if i'm just the background singer sometimes.

so here it is.

BoyzIIMen pandora is BRILLIANT
babyface will appear on it.
All-4 one
KC & Jo Jo
old school mariah
all my favorites

Happy Valentines day.
Spend it accepting the Love that is given to you