Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i guess sometimes
when you think of someone that is
you think of...

the best musician.
best doctor.
that amazing friend who never lets anyone down
the worlds most famous public speaker.

michael jordan


whatever they have.
it's a gift
something you don't have
or they are lucky.
yeah that's a better way to say it
they're just lucky

but i can tell you
not just from working closely with
some that people would call
"excellent" or "lucky"

i will tell you....

the only thing that separates

you and garth brooks..

is that he never stopped.

is not that he was given something excellent
i mean yes he was
but so were you.
the only thing that separates you and him
or whomever you look at as excellent

is the fact they don't let anything stop them
they keep singing when they miss that note
they keep playing when they miss the final shot
they keep teaching students even if 3 students failed last year.

excellent isn't something only a few of us get to be

its. in. all. of. us.

it's just a matter if you're going to dig deep enough to find it.
or quit after you get to "mediocre"

so you failed.
failed twice.
failed 100 times.

so what.

so people called you ridiculous.
so someone called you foolish

what is it that makes you tick?

go towards that.
because if we all have excellence in us.
than whatever you are most passionate about
is going to be what brings it out in you.

it's not in some of us.
it's in all of us.

it's just a matter of

do we stand in our own way.
or do we keep going?
do we find excellence or do we quit?

what would the world be like if we all found our excellence we were given.
instead of thinking only a few people get to be excellent?

how much better would the world be if we all found that gift?
that discipleship we were all called to?

my new song

it's not perfect
it has a lot of flaws.
but it is my passion
so i will choose to keep going.
and bring you with me :)