Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I work with what God gives me

my life is funny.
i mean truly the best things happen to me.
the most random people.
say the most random awkward things to me.
so it's that time.
story time kids
about just a typical day in my life.

sooo the lead hair and make up guy on this show.
i love him.
he's kind and sweet and is the best at what he does.

so we were talking on the phone today.
trying to make sure his team has everything before they come.
and we're laughing.
i tell him to bring me a present from nyc.
tell him my favorite color is blue.

he says "ya know, i just love you! i'm going to bring you some product!"
everyone knows i buy the $1 shampoo
so whenever i can get some expensive product.
for free.

here is how the rest of the convo went:

dallas "you have long brown hair right? I think I remember that from last year!"
me "yes dallas, wow good memory!"
dallas "yeah it's kind of frizzes right?"
me "bahahaha well it's naturally curly, and sometimes i straighten it"
dallas "yeah i remember, it's kind of frizzy"


ahha we laughed and laughed and laughed on the phone.
i mean gut laughed.
love him.
love my hair.
it has a mind of it's own.
it does what it wants.
hey. it's what God gave me.

I think you all could use a little chuckle.
i know i needed it.
laugh at yourself when you can.
it's healthy.

love you all.
i really do.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

face it.

we all have fears.
fears we think we'll never get over.
but we forget.
of the fears from the past.
that we conquered.

i used to be afraid of leaving home.
i used to go to basketball camp
or girl scout camp..yeah I was a GREAT girl scout
and i would call home crying.
i thought that i would never leave home.

i ended up moving to college 3 hrs away.
i moved to nashville.
i travel the world for work.
travel to see friends.
the airport is one of my favorite places ever.
makes home even better.

i used to be afraid of running cross country.
we would run 5 miles a day at practice and i just choked and got scared
at the first meet.
got hurt.
and just thought i wasn't good enough to ever finish a race.
and i never did.
i got picked on.
i accepted it.
i just wasn't a runner.

i've now finished 3 1/2 marathons.

i used to be afraid of one of my bosses.
thought he was scary.
he was a big wig from LA.
powerful man.
i barely talked to him.
i didn't want to look stupid.

now we have talks about life and how you have to be a good person.
no matter what life throws at you work wise.
you need to keep your values.

i used to be afraid of music.
a huge passion of mine.
my journal off the page.
i was soooo afraid that people would judge my feelings.

well let's just say i'll never go back to that.

i used to be afraid of praying out loud in public.
at family dinners or at youth group.
i was NEVER the girl that made eye contact.
i did not want to be picked.
i actually never really talked about my faith in public.
it was what it was.
no one needed to know.
it was me and God.

now i get to lead youth.
get to show them.
to be used.

my point is.
at one point.
you were afraid of something.
terrified of something.
what would have happened if you never faced it?
it doesn't look so scary now does it?
but at the time.
it was huge.

what is scaring you now?
what is that thing you think "well that's just not me"?

someone said to me
"well we're not all outgoing like you, i'm shy!"

shy is a choice.
sometimes i choose to ignore people.
sometimes my nerves win.
promise. if you do it.
it won't have that power over you anymore.

but what are you missing out on if you always let your nerves win?
what is the world missing out on if you never conquer your fear?

so try.
just try.
because a fear is only you.
standing in your own way.

and hair grease.