Thursday, April 28, 2011

boys get nervous too

i love celebrating my friends.
there is something humbling and amazing
about being TRULY happy.
feeling total bliss
over someone elses happiness
tuesday we celebrated the engagement
of lara and charly
and it was a blast
so great to see everyone
celebrate them and laugh with them
it was just amazing to step back and see
all the people that love them in one room
and just see two of my favorite people
just shining out of appreciation
for everyone who is apart of their life

i made new friends
caught up with old friends
and one of my favorite guy friends was there
and making me laugh as always
we'll call him.....Baron
haha code name incase he's embarrassed
he has always had a crush on one of my friends
no shocker
she's gorgeous and an amazing person
we'll call her .....Terrie
anyways he's always thought she was a catch.

so i ask him if he's said hi and he says
"oh she's here? I haven't seen her yet!"
and i was like "I just saw you looking at her fool!"
ha busted
boys pretend too.

then he goes "wow she looks beautiful tonight!"
and i said "yes Baron, she's a beautiful person, you should go tell her!"
one of our other guy friends and his girlfriend are trying to push him
telling him not to waste time
we tell him to just go over to her
and he is just soooo nervous
"she's talking to two guys right now, I can't interrupt!"
guys do it too
guys get nervous

then i tell him "she could be married by the time you get over there, go!"
ha im not sure that helped him
but it made me laugh

it's just...
Baron is a really confident guy
but here he was...
nervous like a little boy.
of a girl with a little lip gloss on
because he thinks
so highly of her
so amazing what nerves can do..

so here he goes.
going to walk up to her
so he starts walking.
and walks BY her
hahaha he just kept walking
so he comes back and i harass him for that move

he said "she's talking"
i was in aww
i loved it
i loved seeing a grown man
get nervous for a girl in heels.

what i loved even more
was that later that night...
he actually did walk up to her
and tell her how beautiful she looked.
and then they talked.

just like that.

he was nervous but did it anyways
and at the end of the night asked for her number
and now someone that was a friend of a friend.
is now that much closer to him.
just like that.

it's good to know guys get nervous too.
i loved seeing it
being on that side of it.
and it may go no where
but it was great to see.
a boy nervous.

he would have rather gotten rejected
than not tell the girl
she looked beautiful.
made my heart happy.
needed to share
everyone needs a little romance


or maybe just the beginning :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

pack your lunch today

times are hard
money is tight
i know this
we all do
so sometimes donating
to things
is tough
i get this as well

but it's important
important for our hearts
to let go of what we think we need

and give it to something or someone else

and maybe you think
"eh I need it more!"
and maybe you do

but pass it on anyways

maybe you did donate money to someone that
needs it less than you
but maybe it's more than the money
maybe it's the gesture
no not maybe
it is the gesture
it's the feeling of sharing and giving
there was a purpose to mothers everywhere
for generations
teach the importance of sharing
to their toddlers

i hope we didn't all forget it.
to share
that what is yours isn't actually just yours
it's meant to share.
it doesn't something to the giver
and the receiver

so here is my challenge
hha yeah i like challenges
save up your money
get $10 together
skip a starbucks.
pack a lean cuisine and skip going out to lunch.
drink water instead of diet coke for a week.

here is something
that would be better spent

meet andy
here is his story.
I don't need to explain it.
read it.

Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure®
May 7, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support the 21st Annual Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure on May 7th in the fight against breast cancer. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and the more we raise, the more Komen Atlanta can give back to the community through breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs as well as supporting the national search for a cure.

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Thank you so much for your time and support in the fight against breast cancer! Every step counts!


Andy Stilts

To sponsor my participation online, click here.

If you would like to mail a donation to Komen Atlanta in support of my participation, please print off my donation form from my personal page and mail the completed form along with your check to:

Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure
P.O. Box 934611
Atlanta, GA 31193

Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Greater Atlanta Affiliate
4840 Roswell Road, Building D, Suite 100 Atlanta, Georgia, 30342

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it's more than the money.
it's what it will feel like when a random stranger
donates to this page
and says "hey. I don't know you bud. but i support and pray for you!"
it's not hard.
it's just not.
pass it on to more random people.

this will effect you.
and them more than you'll probably know.

love you.
mean it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

bucket list this

i've never had a bucket list
because i believe in living in the moment
but i recently sat in a food court
in vegas
talking with long lost friend
and a new friend
in the casino
ha it was a blast.
and one of them said "what do you want in life?"
and i said "I don't know, i like everything, i love everything!"
and he said "that's not what i asked, what do you want?"
and i said "i don't know!"
and he said "well decide what you want, make goals and go!"

soooo here are some goals/bucket list ideas

i want to take a vacation on a train
just spend like 4 days
traveling by train
straight up white Christmas style
no cell phones
no distractions
just looking outside

i want to go to prom.
not 80's prom
maybe a formal
is this possible? ha
i don't know
but get asked out like the southern boys do
some really original way
go to dinner with a large group
and dance the night away
and all of us will be prom queen
oh and then we'll all go play basketball
on those inflatable things at post prom

i want to go on a hot air balloon.
i'll probably be scared out of my mind
but it's about in the same category as unicorns
it's one of those things you see from afar
but never see up close
ok ive never seen a unicorn from afar but you know what i mean

i want a summer house on a beach
with my husband
i'm not married
and i dont have a boyfriend
ha but i want a boyfriend
not just any boyfriend
a great one.
someday when we're ready..
we'll find each other
and we'll live on a beach.
in the summer
maybe just for a summer
like you read about in the nicolas sparks books
live on a beach. eat cereal
play games at night
go for walks
on a beach
just the two of us.
i want both of those
a husband and a beach

i want to hear someone else sing one of my songs.
i want to make this a goal
by the end of my summer
for a nashville artist love one of my songs
so much..
the song becomes something
they went through
something so personal
they have to sing it
i need that
and this will happen

i want to show love
to as many people as possible
be selfless
and it's hard
because sometimes i just want to dislike people
or rather ignore them
it's sometimes easier to ignore people that are mean
than deal with the fact that
they hate themselves and life
and don't know love
but i want to love people that i don't like
love them because
that's what they need
"those that seem the least loveable need the most love"
that's what i would pray when my sister was about to get punched in the face
by me.
but love. even when it's easier to walk away

this isn't all of my goals
but it's a start
saying it out loud makes it less scary
my dad and i watched karate kid this week
and it was so good. and one quote
really just made me tear up
yep i'm a cryer.
NO ONE wants to watch rudy with me.
no one.
but the quote was this.

Mr. Han: You don't need to fight anymore. You have proven everything you need to prove.
Dre Parker: What, that I can get beat up easy and then quit? That's not balance, that's not real kung fu. You said that when life knocks you down, you could choose whether or not to get back up. Well, I'm trying to get back up, and why won't you help me?
Mr. Han: Because I cannot watch you get hurt anymore.
Dre Parker: Please, Mr. Han, please.
Mr. Han: Just tell me, Xiao Dre, why? Why do you need to go back out there so badly?
Dre Parker: Because I'm still scared. And no matter what happens, tonight, when I leave, I don't want to be scared anymore.

i'm big on goals.
big on fear
big on kicking fear in the face
and then singing "superwoman" loudly