Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm random

it's over.
i've had it.
i need space.
tonight i've decided.

i'm taking off the facebook notifications.
i know. it's rash
but it must be done.

i can't handle it.
it sends me all these emails.
someone sent you a msg
someone wrote on your wall.
someone in east nashville is thinking about looking at your page.

and everytime it sends me a msg
i drop everything to read it.
it's lame.
so tonight i took them all off.
haha my roommate lara literally gasped when i told her.
so it is done.

i will not be chained to facebook.
no no no.

now i can focus on more important things.

on more important news.
my nephew gabe is now reaching.
i think it's time for him to make his blog debut.

meet gabe.
he rocks.

he's got beautiful almost violet eyes.
he's a looker.
i tell my sister that he has a wise old man spirit.
he will have a sail boat.
play checkers in the park while wearing argyle.
and know how to love everyone all the time and be peaceful.
and then there is dylan.hahah wild. watch out.
i'm writing a song for dylan.
because yesterday she got on the phone and goes
"winndddseey! hi"
"hi dylan how is your baby brother?"
"baby brudda! alkjfewoijflakdjaofjoewijkljllfksajdfokajwoejw"
haha and then i get
"i wuv you aunt winddseeyyy!"

so she gets a song.
and you know it's going to be a good one
when the words "keep dreaming" make me bawl just thinking of singing them to her.

ahhhhh i've got a big heart.
judge if you must.

that's all folks.
back to writing
and reading my nicolas sparks book.

that's right.
that's what single girls do to keep their faith in romance alive.
read nicolas sparks books.


Friday, July 16, 2010

out of shape

don't you hate when you get out of shape?
you just feel gross.
when you climb those steps and can't breathe?
most of the time when you think of being out of shape.
you think of your body.

well today i wore my favorite pumps.
they're TALL.
we're talking 4"
anyways when I got home
my feet hurrrrtttt.
i wear flats and flip flops all summer
and forgot that my feet aren't ready for heels
they're out of "pump" shape.

anyone who plays the guitar knows.
when you first start.
you develop calluses on your fingers.
it's kind of weird.
and if i go for more than a week or so with out playing.
i have to build them up again.
hot i know.
but i've got to keep them in shape or else.

i had to take a spelling test yesterday.
i misspelled sincerely.
yep that's a 5th grade level word.
my brain needs some working out FOR SURE.

ever since GPS.
how many of us can read a map?
who needs to?
who even needs to know how to remember to get to harris teeter.
just mapquest it.

don't get me started.
when did we lose the art of picking up the phone?
i'm just as bad, it's just easier.

yes i know.
everyone knows this is my summer of yes.
i've told everyone about it.
i've just been sooo busy with work.
i got REAL out of shape with dating.
i forgot how.
i forgot how to let a guy date me.
so this summer.
we're working that out.
guys you can apply with my friend mandy.
she's doing the screening process.
i had to step outside my situation and acknowledge
my dating life is out of shape.

my point is we let things get out of shape.
we spend so much time trying to keeping our bodies in shape.
but what about other things.
all those things take EXERCISE.
once you get in a routine of being out of shape.
it's hard to get back in.
it's like being obese.
years of eating mcdonalds
chipotle :)
and never working out.
hard hard habits to break and get in shape.

so when you are working out.
think about what in your life
is out of shape.

spiritual life?
when was the last time you let go and gave it to God?

love life?
when did you last love someone and expect NOTHING back?

i know when i think about it.
i have a lot to get in shape.

i'll start with dating and texting.
and see how in shape i can get:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

be inspired.

if you're not inspired to make life better.
than you've quit dreaming.
if you've quit dreaming.
than you're just not living.

i don't really watch tv.
ironic considering my job.
i know.
but i really love some commercials.
the ones that REALLY just motivate you.
here are some of my favorites.
i love them so much that i watch them on youtube sometimes.
just for some extra motivation.
yeah i know.
i WAS that girl that bought the motivational posters from the school that the teachers had

"he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" Muhammed Ali
one of my favorite ones.

i had them all over my house.
they kept me going somehow.
they were just words but somehow i kept hope through them.
judge if you must.

they're only commercials.
but sometimes this is all you need.
just a little commercial to remind you.
we're all the same.
the only difference is the ones who actually follow their heart.