Sunday, April 29, 2012

for the men i love

this one is kind of hard to write
but i need to be honest
to the men in my life
whether you've known it or not
you're a huge impact in my life

if you're a man in my life
whether you're family
or someone i call friend
it means i love you
i love you.
it means God had it planned
before i was born.
that you and i would walk some of this life
or the rest of my life

and i will speak from my heart here
from me to you
a man i love

i want you to help me
help me to be the woman in proverbs 31
you are not my God.
i don't expect you to be God to me.
you're off the hook on that one.
you're a sinner like me
a great sinner.

but there was a reason Adam was a man
and Eve was a woman
God made us brilliantly different
and even though sometimes
i'm way too prideful to say it

i need you

all of us women need you
we need the men in our lives
to be Godly men
i need you to be a Godly man.

and it's truly a battle with the devil
in my heart
guarding my heart daily.
i have wars in my head
even though i hear God tell me one thing
the world tells me another
and before i even get to the front door
sometimes i forget what God has said to me

so you can imagine how hard it is to believe in love
and romance
every moment i let God talk into my life
he reminds me of romance and love
He tries to tell me beautiful secrets of His plans for me
of romance and outrageous ridiculous love and hope
and I'll rejoice

but then i go out into the world and get beat up a bit
now i'm not helpless at all
God has very much given me weapons
to fight it off

but men....
please know
i'm looking to you too
God put you in my life
and i know you're not perfect
and i know you want to do what you want to do sometimes
or just accept that we're all just sinners
but know
who you are is not just you

i'm watching
all us ladies are watching you
we're wanting to be led.
someone to walk with God
with us

i know you pray to be bold men
i know your hearts are there
but once you pray
believes He's heard
and faith does take action
so move
be Bold

I think all the men i love..
should read "captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge
it's about woman's heart
and how God made our hearts
for Him
and to be romanced
which takes a Godly man


we're not helpless with out you
we are complete in Him
but He did make you first
so we're watching
just hoping for some help to choose God over fear
you can either help guide us to God
or lead us astray
very rarely is it not one of those.

men in my life
please listen to Him
your call

tell the woman in your life
doesn't have to be me
your wife
your sister
your gal pal
your mother

she's adored
she's missed
your favorite thing about her
surprise her
show her romance
i know i know
ewww romance
but God's heart to a woman is romance
and wimpy men don't show that
passive men
be a man of God

i know you fear rejection
but pride is the fall of man
Jesus was humble
and loved boldly
you were made that way

i guess i've never thought to tell you
that if you're a man in my life
that you can do it.
i know you think you can't
but you can
God made you to be the man
to love us women strongly
to walk like Christ
the devil wants you to think you can't
you're not enough
but you ARE

you are strong enough in Him
You can do all things through Christ
but you have to try
keep going
the best version of you
exist when you are walking closest with Him

God will be there no matter what
but don't settle for what other men are doing
what other men are settling to be because it looks easier
please please please
i beg you
men in my life
please step up to the call of God
lead when you're called to lead us
lead me

be foolish
be bold 
for Him
i know you think you're not ready
but God made you born ready
to be Christ like men
you just have to accept

because the women in your life
are trusting you
i am trusting you

Exodus 15:2 "The LORD is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise Him, my fathers God, and I will exalt Him."