Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm random

it's over.
i've had it.
i need space.
tonight i've decided.

i'm taking off the facebook notifications.
i know. it's rash
but it must be done.

i can't handle it.
it sends me all these emails.
someone sent you a msg
someone wrote on your wall.
someone in east nashville is thinking about looking at your page.

and everytime it sends me a msg
i drop everything to read it.
it's lame.
so tonight i took them all off.
haha my roommate lara literally gasped when i told her.
so it is done.

i will not be chained to facebook.
no no no.

now i can focus on more important things.

on more important news.
my nephew gabe is now reaching.
i think it's time for him to make his blog debut.

meet gabe.
he rocks.

he's got beautiful almost violet eyes.
he's a looker.
i tell my sister that he has a wise old man spirit.
he will have a sail boat.
play checkers in the park while wearing argyle.
and know how to love everyone all the time and be peaceful.
and then there is dylan.hahah wild. watch out.
i'm writing a song for dylan.
because yesterday she got on the phone and goes
"winndddseey! hi"
"hi dylan how is your baby brother?"
"baby brudda! alkjfewoijflakdjaofjoewijkljllfksajdfokajwoejw"
haha and then i get
"i wuv you aunt winddseeyyy!"

so she gets a song.
and you know it's going to be a good one
when the words "keep dreaming" make me bawl just thinking of singing them to her.

ahhhhh i've got a big heart.
judge if you must.

that's all folks.
back to writing
and reading my nicolas sparks book.

that's right.
that's what single girls do to keep their faith in romance alive.
read nicolas sparks books.



  1. i ALWAYS laugh then get goosebumps in your blog, lindsay frail.

    love you AND your big heart. x

  2. bea-u-tiful. I like your style, miss lady.