Friday, August 26, 2011

somethings will never change

so i was making myself a salad
and i love putting almonds on it.
so i grab my bag of almonds off my shelf.
and "plrrb"
(haha im sitting here trying to spell out the sound of the almonds falling)
but yes.
alllll over the floor.
I'm 28 years old.
how do i do this everytime?
how do i not know how to close a bag of almonds?

or last night.
i was dumping out the coffee grounds in the trash
preparing my coffee for the morning.
i know.
and "plop"
pile of coffee on my floor.
the best is 1/2 goes in the trash
1/2 hits the rim so it flies
pretty far away
making a bigger mess for myself.

at least once a week i miss the trash can.
what is wrong with me?

then i think back.
i blame my parents really.
haha im kidding
it seems like the likely thing to do.
something wrong with the kid?
blame the rents.
but no. it's all my fault.
i'm just. well
just clumsy

and i've learned.
as i try to add good to the world
try to constantly grow and learn.

somethings will never change.
haha ever.

i will always be the girl with
a little drop of toothpaste on her shirt

the girl that spills hot coffee
on herself and in her car


the one that trips over chords
well trips over anything really

the girl that runs into a chair
then apologizes to the chair
ha yeah not sure when that habit started.
my mom did teach me to be polite.
ha bet she never figured i would be polite to chairs

i will always be the car that isn't really
parked straight in the parking lot.
i'm more of a slanted parker.

and as my mom will tell you
anything glass and me
well you know what happens there...

to throw away broken glass
you must put it in a box or a paper bag
tape it up
and the polite thing to do would be to write
"broken glass"
several times on the package so the trash man
doesn't cut himself

enough said?

haha point is.
you can constantly grow
and we should try to keep growing.
but i think it's funny to embrace
the little things that
most likely
won't change
the little "mishaps"
that make us who we are.

have a fun day
now i'm going to go iron my shirt
but by the time i leave my house
it'll be wrinkled :)

love you all
well most of you.
ha i kid
all of you.

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