Thursday, December 8, 2011

squirt. the happy little Christmas tree.

i know i've lived out of home for awhile. but i've never bought a Christmas tree.
i dont know why
i guess in college you don't buy them because you go home
and i've always lived in a house with a roommate
who had a fake one
well this year
no fake
and i debated and debated
thinking "i'm going home in a week, is it worth it?"
insert my roommate amanda
"ummm you're miss Christmas, you'll regret it and bug me about it forever if you don't!"
haha soooo
we go to kroger
that's right kroger
they had big trees
beautiful trees
and then this one

it's about 2 ft tall
and lopsided
and i fell in love instantly
it just needs a home
so we adopted it
and named it squirt

we get him home.
and he just wants to sleep.
haha did i mention he's lopsided
we've got a stage 4 leaner on our hands
"come on squirt, you can do it, stand up!"

finally get him to balance
by putting on about 4 ornaments because that's all he'll hold
and prop him up on a wooden box
to make him appear a bit taller ;)
amanda tapes on the star
i don't have a star
so we improvised
and here he is
in all his glory
he has a tutu around his base as a skirt
ha a gift one of my coworkers made me
i LITERALLY jumped up and down after we finished.
squirt is quite the handsome tree i must say
all the neighbors will be jealous

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  1. I love this Linds!! And I'm obsessed w/ this song now! I love Squirt! He'd be good friends w/ our tree "King" - a guy on Craigslist was giving away a FREE 9ft spruce tree so of course it wouldn't fit in the car so me and my roommate CARRIED it home. That's right- about 2 miles through neighborhoods and hwys we carried "King" (picked him up on Kings Cross Rd) - and even though he is majorly crammed into the ceiling National Lampoons Christmas style b/c our ceilings are only 7ft, he is still LOVED :) Merry Christmas Love!!!!