Saturday, December 4, 2010

elevator games.

so I like to go running in the mornings here.
its really cold but such a gorgeous run.
by the monuments
by the white house.
love it.
its not nearly as fun as kickboxing
but it does it's job.

so obviously
no purse while running.
that would be silly.
and i'm not one of those crazies that run with a fanny pack.
haha ok ok i have one for long runs.
but i forgot it in the ville.
so where do i put my room key you ask?
my bra of course! haha

so i jog.
life is good.
i get back.
tell the front desk it's going to be a good day.
they think i'm annoying
i grab a cup of coffee
and sometimes an apple.

and head to the elevator
now the game begins.

i have 8 floors.
to get the key out of my bra
and into my hand.
sounds simple.

oh but there are some challenges to this game.

one my gloves.
i have to get my gloves off fast.
sometimes i take them off at the end of my run.
give myself a head start.

then the coffee.
the coffee leaves me with only one hand free.
and if i have an apple.
the coffee has to be sat on the ground.
extra time wasted.

time is my biggest challenge.
8 floors isn't that much time to dig and grab.
dig and grab.

just imagine my horror.
if i don't get it in time.
and the elevator door opens.
if i'm still digging
there is almost a 99% chance
someone will be standing there.

so there is a lot at risk.
if i fail the game.

just imagine how complicated the game gets.
if.... on. the. elevator. with me.
good luck with that.

i live a life of adventure i tell you

almost back to nashville.
i'm so excited.
so ready to start getting ready for Christmas

oh and


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  1. we truly were separated at birth. however, my bra might as well count as a carry-on bag at times. Gamedays it is a fridge, night on the town it is a camera case, at the movies a concession stand, really the sky is the limit. Way to improvise. Nashville is gonna take you hostage when you get back!! See you tonight!