Thursday, April 28, 2011

boys get nervous too

i love celebrating my friends.
there is something humbling and amazing
about being TRULY happy.
feeling total bliss
over someone elses happiness
tuesday we celebrated the engagement
of lara and charly
and it was a blast
so great to see everyone
celebrate them and laugh with them
it was just amazing to step back and see
all the people that love them in one room
and just see two of my favorite people
just shining out of appreciation
for everyone who is apart of their life

i made new friends
caught up with old friends
and one of my favorite guy friends was there
and making me laugh as always
we'll call him.....Baron
haha code name incase he's embarrassed
he has always had a crush on one of my friends
no shocker
she's gorgeous and an amazing person
we'll call her .....Terrie
anyways he's always thought she was a catch.

so i ask him if he's said hi and he says
"oh she's here? I haven't seen her yet!"
and i was like "I just saw you looking at her fool!"
ha busted
boys pretend too.

then he goes "wow she looks beautiful tonight!"
and i said "yes Baron, she's a beautiful person, you should go tell her!"
one of our other guy friends and his girlfriend are trying to push him
telling him not to waste time
we tell him to just go over to her
and he is just soooo nervous
"she's talking to two guys right now, I can't interrupt!"
guys do it too
guys get nervous

then i tell him "she could be married by the time you get over there, go!"
ha im not sure that helped him
but it made me laugh

it's just...
Baron is a really confident guy
but here he was...
nervous like a little boy.
of a girl with a little lip gloss on
because he thinks
so highly of her
so amazing what nerves can do..

so here he goes.
going to walk up to her
so he starts walking.
and walks BY her
hahaha he just kept walking
so he comes back and i harass him for that move

he said "she's talking"
i was in aww
i loved it
i loved seeing a grown man
get nervous for a girl in heels.

what i loved even more
was that later that night...
he actually did walk up to her
and tell her how beautiful she looked.
and then they talked.

just like that.

he was nervous but did it anyways
and at the end of the night asked for her number
and now someone that was a friend of a friend.
is now that much closer to him.
just like that.

it's good to know guys get nervous too.
i loved seeing it
being on that side of it.
and it may go no where
but it was great to see.
a boy nervous.

he would have rather gotten rejected
than not tell the girl
she looked beautiful.
made my heart happy.
needed to share
everyone needs a little romance


or maybe just the beginning :)