Wednesday, May 18, 2011

you aren't until you are

we all have things we "aren't"
and how many of us let the fact that we "aren't"
stand in the way of us being something?

how many times have you said something like "well I would love to teach dance, but I'm not a dance teacher!"

here is what i'm saying.
if your heart loves it.
than you just haven't done it yet.

get it?

you may not physically be doing what your heart is telling you to do.
but that doesn't mean you aren't
it just means you haven't taken that step yet.

i had the honor of watching some of my favorite musicians
honor the CMA's last night
and Ronnie Milsap sat up there
and gave me chills...when he said
"I was going to be a lawyer, I would have made a great lawyer.
but then i was told that i should be a musician. because even though i would make a great lawyer and be successful, my heart doesn't lie about what it wants. so good thing i listened to my heart!" hahaha

so here is the point.
yes i have one.
you aren't until you decide you are.

i wasn't your friend
until we met

my mother didn't know how to be a mother
until my sister was born

your favorite professor wasn't a professor
till he taught his first class

you weren't a nurse
until you saw your first patient

i wasn't a younglife leader
until i met my first student

i didn't know how to write
until i started writing

i didn't know i needed to sing
until i sung

so what do you feel?
what is your heart saying?
that you're supposed to own a pet rescue shop?
than open it.

that you're supposed to travel the country and love kids who have no one?
than go and do that.

that you're supposed to give your testimony through song?
than do it.

because you may be great at 100280198 different things.
good for you.
but what is your heart saying
you're meant to be?
make yourself that.
and see what happens.

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  1. well, you just made my job hunt easier today :) love you lindsay lou!