Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i am the skinny mirror.

so one of my best friends
had this skinny mirror in her house
and everyone LOVEEEED IT
we would go over to her house
sometimes just to get a boost
in the old self esteem
it's true
haha whatever you all know it's true

when she moved to cali
woooo hooooo
haha seriously it's that great
and my roommate doesn't care
she comes into my room
just to get the boost
it's fun.

i was thinking the other day
why does that have to be the "skinny mirror"?
why can't that be how we look
and the "normal mirror" that makes us all look bigger
why can't that be called the "fat mirror"

ok hear me out.

think about it

they're both pieces of glass.
in frames.
both probably poorly made
one makes us look 20lbs heavier than the other
one makes us feel "ehhh i look ok"
and the other makes us feel "i look gooooood"

so why do we NATURALLY think the "ehhh i look ok" mirror
is how we look?

it's sick really.
we all do it.
we think the worst is what is real
and the "i look goooood" is too good to be true.

i think that we're sooo used to beating ourselves up
we let all the magazines
the tv shows
(i know i know the irony of my job)
but we let them all tell us we're not good enough.

the other day i was wearing a dress
and i kept going back and forth
between my mirror in my bathroom
which is the "ehh i look ok" mirror
and my bedroom mirror which is the "i look goooood" mirror

yes i have A LOT of mirrors
my dad says it's a "bodell thing"
ha my mom decorated with a lot of mirrors
so i do too.
i like looking at myself? i don't know


i decided
i have to wear this dress
im a confident woman
and one of these mirrors makes me feel ok
and one makes me feel GOOODDD
soooo i picked

right there.
i decided
i was going to determine that the skinny mirror
was how i looked
that the other mirror just was broken
and the skinny mirror
with my slender self
was how i looked. :)

so this is what im saying.
you choose.
you pick how you feel.
which you is really you.

and whether the world is telling you the "ehh i feel ok" mirror
is you or not.
you get the final say in who you are
because at the end of the day
they are both mirrors
and i get to decide how i see myself.

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  1. dude, you need to submit that blog to one of those girlie mags! seriously! i love it!and I love that you are Godmother of the Skinny Mirror now! :)