Tuesday, October 11, 2011

smiling a lot lately

i don't know where to start
my heart is so happy
i've just laughed so hard
this past month
just laughed
a lot.

and if you really are having a good time.
i think it's important to just say
life is going well right at this moment.

so here is a list
of some things
that really have been making me smile
making my heart happy.

first off.
my brother.
let's start with him.
he's growing up into this amazing young lad.
i can't explain how proud i am of him.
he's a senior at Shawnee
everytime I go home to see him play football
and i know it embarrasses him
but i cry.
he's just
growing up to be a good man
and i'm proud.

then there are the BA friends.
seriously they made me laugh SO much this weekend at Sharptop.
they teach me how to not stress
how to laugh through life
that being honest is important
they show me to love big and
they're just pretty awesome
except when they FORCE me to eat too many cookies
and i feel sick :)

always my family.
no matter what
they just always seem to be there
dylan and gabe
seriously everytime i hold them
i think "there is no way i could love them any more than this moment"
then somehow
as they get older
i fall in love more.
and my parents and hil and stu
who would i be with out them?
 and then this group
this group right here
no matter how long we go
between girls night
because life is kicking all of our butts
this group
truly a gift from God
a true smile on my face
love them

that's it
i just don't know what else to say
except that i'm happy
and sometimes
we don't need to find anything to be worried or
sometimes we just need to say
Thank You Lord
I had a great day

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  1. welp, this post just made ME smile. must be contagious :)