Thursday, November 17, 2011

Long distance is hard

long distance relationships are hard
very hard
they take a lot of work
it takes a humble soul
someone that says "i know i called you first last time, i'll call you again this time!"
someone that isn't afraid they're interrupting your life
but someone that wants you to know you're on their mind
and isn't afraid to show it

it's not someone that says "eh I'll talk to you when you're back in three weeks"
it's that person that can be happy that you're having fun away from home
but wants you to know they're thinking of you
missing you
keep the relationship going
instead of letting silence win.

wanna know why my best friends are my best friends?
because they don't make me feel guilty for being gone
they don't say "you're always busy"
they just say "we miss you and can't wait to see you soon"
they aren't mad that i have inside jokes
with people they might never meet
people i love
they are confident in my love for them
in our friendship

they send me videos to make me laugh
or they send emails at 4am saying:

"Hi buddy! I miss you lots and lots too<3 I am about to run out for work but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to tell you that you are loved! Smile:]"

so whether it's a friend
or it's a boyfriend
or a family member

long distance relationships are tough
really tough
and sometimes it's just a text saying
"i thought of you today"
it's the effort
the pride put aside
just to let someone know they're missed
and even if it's just a tweet saying

"GUM" time freeze

they know
i know
distance has nothing
on our love
and bond.

that's all
i just feel very loved.
and blessed.

side note
i went for a jog this morning
hahaha everytime
when i run by the white house
i get nervous that the government
is watching me
the jig is up

back to my Christmas music
today is a fun day at work.

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