Friday, May 22, 2009

he might have the coolest job ever...

i love my job. i mean a job is a job, but i have a lot of fun so there for i love it. i've never had job envy, i'm thankful for where i am. however, i was driving home for lunch, that's right, i go home so i can eat cereal. anyways, i was driving home and saw this man, on the corner downtown.

 i had to stop, take a picture, and compose myself. i loved him, he made me laugh really hard. i don't know why, it might have been the umbrella or the fact that this isn't nyc, but yet we have a hot dog vendor. he might have the most fun job ever. he only has to work when it's nice out, he has the fun colored umbrella, and he smells hotdogs all day. how fun is that? i work and work and work and i know that a job like this is where i'm going to be someday. except i want a polka dot umbrella.

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