Wednesday, May 6, 2009

standing up in a world that turns...

If your friends described you in 5 words or less what do you think they would be? 

funny. kind. faithful. listener. sweet. bold. handsome. GORGEOUS ;) leader. loving. passionate. etc.

do you think the way your friends see you are the way you see yourself? Do you think the world sees you the way you want to be seen?
I've always thought the world sees me as a Christian, a leader until I was approached by a situation that would make me think otherwise. No need for details it wasn't a big deal, it was just an eye opening situation. If the world doesn't see me as who I THINK I am, than am I just "talking the talk, not walking the walk?"

It's easy to talk to your friends about your beliefs and the things you're passionate about. Whether it is faith, friends, family, politics, dreams, etc., but when you're put to the test, to actually put the plan in motion, do you choke? 

It's hard to do, but actions do speak louder than words. In a world that is going and going and not really thinking of the consequences, are you going with the flow or standing up for things you believe in? It seems that we're all waiting for someone else to stand up first, someone to help us. Maybe you or I are supposed to be the first one to stand, the first one to say "what the heck are we listening to him for, he's wearing eyeliner?!!" 

I'm not saying I'm going to be the one to change the world, I'm just saying maybe it's time to stand up.  Truth is, no one is going to call you a leader or a life changing person if you're not.

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  1. Five words for Linds: laughing, dedicated, speedy, loyal, baker....?