Monday, July 6, 2009

who is your emergency contact?

a lot is going on in life right now.
in my heart right now. 
a lot of growing and changing and learning how to act with your heart instead of just talking with your mouth. 
anyways, today i had to get a bunch of  "emergency contact" names and numbers for work.
now as a kid, of course it was always my parents.
in fact it still says joe and clarissa frail. 
but i just realized, it might be time to get a new emergency contact.
might be time to grow up.

saddest thing was a lot of people didn't have an emergency contact.
their parents had either past away, or no friends, no siblings, no marriage. 
just no one. 
what happens to those who get hurt and have no emergency contact?

then i thought, this was more than just for hospital reasons, this was for life.
what happens when we get hurt in life and we have no one there to help?
no one there to protect us when we're fragile?
what if we never let anyone close enough to know us better than we know ourselves? 
what happens when we get hurt and need saving? 
at the end of life, do you really want to have your "emergency contact" blank? 

and i think sometimes i get so scared of looking weak, i never let anyone take care of me. 
i'm strong.
i'm independent.
i'm a woman.
rooooarrr i can play sports.
haha seriously though.
when do we have to grow up and choose to let people help us?
as kids we don't get to choose if our parents are involved or not.
but growing up we get to choose, stand alone or let someone in.
whether that's friends or a relationship, we choose.
i think for 26 years i've liked being free and i've always had amazing friends so that's enough.
but sometimes, you have to realize, we all need to be taken care of sometimes.

so whatever your excuse is for not finding your emergency contact.
no fish in the sea.
just wanna have fun.
my career...just saying ;)

whatever it is....maybe don't be so afraid of getting your new emergency contact. 

OK enough of that, now a happy thought. I always think a positive note is the way to start and end the day!

their names.
two of the best people


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  1. WOW. this is great linds. (especially the end) :)