Sunday, July 19, 2009

you be harry...i'll be sally.

i'm a sap. i like romantic movies. 
one of my favorite movies is "when harry met sally". 
so great. 
i've seen it a 100 times. 
never gets old. 
well i watched it this weekend and i just stopped. 
truly stopped. 
i've always known that to get a great love you have to put pride aside and risk looking like a fool. but i guess i never really thought of humbling myself enough to actually do that. and at the end of the movie. she blows him off, she is not interested. harry starts calling her.
 2 times.
 5 times. 
20 times later, she picks up. 
then she says don't call anymore, hangs up. 
who would keep going? 
who would have kept going after 2 times? 
the book "he's just not that into you" would tell you to stop after 1 call...let alone 20.
if you would have asked your friends, they would have slapped you and told you that you look like an idiot. anyways, he then KEEPS GOING. 
he can't get her off her mind. so he then runs to her party, and tells her he loves her. 
she tells him NO.
tells her he loves her and says the famous line "when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." 
and she realizes she loves him too. 
i know it's a movie. 
but i know people who have done that. 
have followed their instincts above all. 
above what makes sense to everyone else. above what should happen.
they follow their heart.
i don't know if i would do that.
i would say majority of us wouldn't.
people wonder why relationship don't work
marriages end.
maybe we need more of that?
why don't we risk looking foolish?
why do we care what others think of us?
why do we always have to look cool?

your friends don't have all the answers. 
your parents don't have the answers. 
the answer is in God. 
the answer is that feeling when they walk into the room.
that feeling of the wind being knocked out of you.
the answer is the huge smile on your face you can't wipe off.
when your hands shake and you can't find words to say to this person.
when you see this person, your nerves win and you can't do anything but stare at them.
it's that i can't let them walk out of here with out looking at them one more time feeling.
i can't go with out knowing them anymore feeling.
it's thinking "i don't care what others say, i have to get to know them."
that's rare, don't wait for the next time that comes.
it's not a common thing.
be harry.
for whatever reason your paths have crossed.
that's no small thing. 
it's not because this is a small town.
it's not because you have 100 mutual friends.
don't make it into something small. 
you ran into them in a world full of people. 
they make you nervous. 
they make you smile.
it doesn't mean you have to marry them.
just figure out why they make you scared and comfortable all at the same time.
figure out why you can't get them off your mind. 
the world needs more people who care about figuring out their gut. 
instead of just trying to figure out their money and career.
go big or go home.
that's all.

ending with my friends.
my friends are extremely funny. 
we all have a million things going on in our lives but we never run out of time to laugh. 
this next situation made me laugh sooo hard. 

this is kat.
she is standing outside of legends in nashville. 
her friends are standing inside.
she sees a random guy basically in awww of the keyboard player.
she thinks he looks like he needs a friend.
she goes outside to stand with him.
that my friends, is smiling at strangers.
it was hysterical yes, but also pretty cool.
for whatever reason he didn't want to come inside.
it was free.
and i bet he never thought someone would stand outside with him.
she made his night. 
a little effort can make a huge impact on someone elses life.
and also make for a great picture.

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  1. Is that what she was doing??! omg Kat is awesome.

    and for the record, I gave this guy my number. he didnt ask for it....and he had blown me off all night, and now we've been married for two years:]