Monday, August 3, 2009


what miracles look like...

driving to wartrace.
stopping for swimsuits.
stopping to house shop.
no complaining.
only enjoying each others company.
giving up your choice of raft so your friend could have it.
not judging a friend for eating fried biscuits and oatmeal cake.
telling ghost stories.
laughing so hard about nothing at all.
that's love.

making tea at 11 at night.
talking about life and God.
laughing about the silly things.
being thankful for missing them
because you know that the 1 hour a month together
is worth it.
that's a blessing.

driving around a parking garage.
singing "knock you down." 
going to eat. 
for just a chance.
and a step.
you've never taken before.
not letting you give up hope.
and helping you believe in your gut.
true friendship.

thousands of miles apart.
countries apart.
and still pushing
still supporting.
still being a fan of
your friends dreams.
believing more than i believe sometimes.

supporting crazy dreams.
even in blind faith.
having no idea why .
no idea what this music is about
what the documentary is about
and still believing
no judging.
just support.
pushing me.
keep me going.
when I want to quit.
that's enough to make anyone feel loved.

undeserving love.

day 17.
a few weeks till i sing.
and i feel ready.
because no matter what.
my friends will be there.
to remind me it's about faith.
my leap of faith.

feeding catfish that you can't see. staring at an alligator skull. laughing because you're alive.

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  1. you make the rest of us believe in miracles, linds. and you make us never forget to live our dreams because one day - SOMEDAY - they will come true.