Sunday, October 18, 2009

sometimes you bring out my temper.

i'm mad.
i'm upset. 
at myself.
and others.
that i love.
that chose to quit.

if you quit.
if you decide you just want to go with the flow.
that hurts me.
it hurts others.
i know it's easy.
to just do what every other person is doing.
it's easy to do what feels good.
but life isn't meant to be easy.
and by you settling.
it's more than just you.

my heart.
breaks for you.
i know what you are.
and it seems you gave up on that.
you gave up on being the amazing person that i know you are.

we all want it to make sense.
we all want it to be black and white.
we want easy.
but guess what?
grow up.
it's not. 
try to be something someone can look up too.
and when you fall.
because we all are human.
you'll fall.
get up.
move on.
crap you make me mad.
i'm not perfect.
you're not perfect.
but that doesn't mean you can just quit.

life is meant to be fun too.
and love.
it's meant to have love.
believe you deserve it.
believe that others feel it too.
no one can love you if you quit loving yourself.

im mad that you just let yourself off easy.
you're better than that.

ok enough venting. 
i'm going to go watch some cheers.
the theme song.
reminds me of my parents.
i just remember it on at my house when i was a kid.
makes me happy.

the. end.

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