Tuesday, October 20, 2009

medium this.

i had coffee with my lovely friend kels this morning.
and i always order a medium coffee.
this reminded me of a conversation i had with a friend of mine.
he said, "you know, there are studies  about people who order mediums.
people who order 'mediums', fries, medium rare, drinks, they're said to be indecisive and a follower? They say people who like medium are people pleasers and don't want to take a stand."
haha i'll show you a medium.

i like medium.
i stand by my medium.
small doesn't make it.
i like the taste.
i want more than a sip.
large makes my tummy hurt.
and i end up wasting.
i'm going green when i order my medium.
i don't like to waste.
so really i'm saving the world.

i like to take the medium slice of cake. 
the reason is because if you take the large.
you're a selfish heffer.
ha heffer. i like that word. anyways.
if you take the little one.
you'll always wish you had a bit more.
haha be honest.

i wear a medium shirt.
i can't help this.
i guess if i would take that large piece of cake.
i could end up wearing a large shirt;) haha

anyways. here is to all people who like "medium"
large people are jealous because they have to have it all.
and smalls well they're just pretending that small is enough.
we're not followers. 
we're just the people who order exactly what they want.

hahah speaking of cake.
here is a fun photo.
my dad would kill me if he knew i put this up.
but i think they look beautiful.
one word.


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  1. Please tell me your dad still has that tux.

    I like my steaks/burgers medium too, so he can medium that!