Friday, October 2, 2009

smart car=happy lindsay

So i was driving yesterday.
and kind of busy 
and thinking of a million things.
giving myself heartburn 
the usual

God must have known i needed to laugh.
because what drives by me
but a smart car.
seriously people
i love them.
love like i love my sister.
ok maybe not that much love.
i had tears in my eyes 
they just don't look like they belong on the road.
they look like they belong in the backyard
with my 18 month old niece driving it.

but they make me smile so much.
and of course it was the tallest man with his head touching the roof.
do people know that they look like they're driving a toy?

i don't care.
keep buying cars that are too small for you.
because it makes me laugh and smile.
and that's what's important.

good day.


  1. HA! from now on i will always think of linstendo whenever i see a smart car! they are the most ridiculous things on the road, but i love them so much. they remind me of matchbox cars. i want to rent one and drive it down to nashville just to make you laugh so hard you pass out from joy.

    your old friend, stephanie r jarosz.

  2. the thought of a smart car? funny.
    the thought of steph renting a smart car and driving it from ohio to nashville? HILARIOUS.

  3. Smart cars are ALL over England, my dear. I've even seen pink ones. Next time I see one, I'll take a photo for you. xx