Saturday, November 14, 2009

i won't skip thanksgiving this year.

i love this time of year.
i love the anticipation of Christmas.
25 days of Christmas is about to start.
almost a month till we get to watch "a Christmas story"
12 times in a row.

im one of those people
that starts listening to Christmas music in july.
and i was talking to a friend
and he said "but what about thanksgiving, don't miss thanksgiving!"
he's right.
im a thanksgiving skipper.
i love it, don't get me wrong.
but 6 months out of my year is Christmas themed. it's true.

so this year i will embrace thanksgiving
i will put my favorite turkey sweater on.
i'm sure there is a thanksgiving movie i can watch
i will have to write a thanksgiving song.
something about the pilgrams and their sweet outfits.
everything sweet potato.
err wait..that already happens.
but thanksgiving here i come.

most of all i will be thankful.
i will be thankful for every blessing i've been given.
yesterday was a tough day.
and as im riding in the the aaa truck with kevin my aaa man.
and on the verge of tears.
i start telling him about all my blessings.
haha it was all i could do from crying
in a tow truck.
with a 7' tall man.
all i could do was tell him my blessings.

i know it's cheesy
but it's my blog and i can do what i want.
i'm thankful.
almost everyday i don't know how it happened
i did nothing to deserve them
but God has blessed me.
my family. they rock. they've taught me what it is to love.
thick and thin. they never quit.
i have friends that seriously i would do anything for.
and Lord knows have picked me up when i wanted to quit.
i get to laugh a lot and that is a true gift.
and hope.
some call me crazy, most call me crazy actually.
but this hope, this never ending "anything can happen, i can do anything" hope.
i have hope.

i have more blessings than you have time to read.
but it's important to stop and say thanks.
even if you skip thanksgiving
because you think you're an elf.

happy thanksgiving!

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