Thursday, December 3, 2009

how to clean the leaves 101

i like to jog in dc.
it's our nations capitol
it is indeed a well kept city.
however, the leaves.
let's talk leaves, they apparently don't like leaves here.
i pass approximately 20 people every morning "getting rid" of the leaves.

They use two different methods:

First method- leaf blower
grown men.
a leaf blower strapped to their back.
to move one leaf at a time.
maybe two.
across the sidewalk.
then they go back and get another one.

method number two- the hose
yep, hose.
water. LOTS of water.
this method can move about ten leaves at a time.
no worries on the world running out of water.
as long as we get rid of the leaves in front of 7-11.

i chuckle every morning.
they have to know this is a waste of time.
big waste of time.
get. a. broom.
get. the. job. done.

the end.

can't wait to get back to Nashville. oh how I miss everyone.

a picture for you.
carrie and i wen't shopping in georgetown.
i have a big head.
it didn't fit.

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  1. omg. Its the George Costanza Russian Hat for the Peterman catalog!!!

    google it!