Wednesday, December 16, 2009

here's to 2010

I've starting to think about my new years resolutions.

I am already super nice, sweet, honest, and in tip top shape so those are all out :)

there are a lot of things i don't want to lose.
every generation is different from the last, but there are some things i hope we keep passing on.
i'm making this my new years resolution.
that's right.
lindsay frail.
will keep these traditions alive.

one I think I'm going to do is talk on the phone more.
it's not that i don't like talking, i do.
it's just i don't make time for it.
i'm usually with people or too busy until my size 7 3/8 head hits the pillow
(i know, that's a large head)
but i think it's important to hear peoples voices.
hear their emotions.
too much texting. too many emails. we're losing touch.

i will write more letters and notes.
who doesn't love to get mail?
or a note on your car?
letters are words that are said that we can keep
and reread.

dancing. i love dancing.
in the kitchen, in the living room. out in the middle of the restaurant.
it's fun and who cares what others think.
i want to dance.
i don't have a dance partner yet.
i am taking applications.

i like to hug.
human touch.

we buy everything already made.
we let others make it all.
food. i was raised on everything homemade.
i can cook. well i can learn to cook.
i'm going to start making gifts from scratch.
i was a girl scout.
i can do this.

those are just a few, i'm going to think of more.
that's my plan.

hahahahahahah I hate seeing her sad but this picture rocks. classic. Santa is thinking " I don't get paid NEAR enough for this!" I love the caption at the bottom , "seasons greetings", right, that's what this picture says.

I get to babysit her for three whole days next week, if that isn't a Christmas present I don't know what is. love her.

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  1. I'm holding you to the more dancing part.
    Graham Central Station here we come!