Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dear love, i love you.

i feel like writing about love.
don't roll your eyes at me.
it's my blog and i'll do what i want.
i love love.

mom, i'm not in love so stop wondering who i'm talking about.
i just love love.

here are things that make me love love.

when i was a kid i used to love the "hot 8 at 8"
it was on the radio station 92 zoo in lima ohio :)
they would play the top 8 songs and people would call in and dedicate them for people.
they would say "this is bobby and i want to send this out to the love of my life lisa. she sits by me in science!"
i would always listen for my name, in hopes someone would declare their love for me on the station.

i love sappy sappy songs.
the ones that most people turn off when they're on the radio.
"true" george strait
"somethings come over me" ernie halter
"always be my baby" mariah
"forever and ever, amen" randy travis
plenty more but those are some favs.

holding hands.
i love holding hands.
it's a bold move guys.
grabbing the girls hand.
i love it.
it's cute.
no guy is trying to be slick with a hand hold.
it's just cute.

sorry fellas.
i know you hate it.
but nothing makes me laugh, smile and adore life more than dancing.

the thought of someone thinking of you.
think about it.
of all the crushes and relationships you've had.
all the times you've sat up and thought of someone.
they've thought of you too.
people you'll never know.
have thought of ways to make you smile.
make you theirs.
love it.

4th of july.
i love valentines too.
all the pink and chocolate.
but there is something about the 4th of july.
pool parties.
it makes me love relationships.

and this past week some things happened.
that made me question love.
stupid i know.
but then i remember why i love love.
and i remember not to settle.
not to stop believing in sappy songs and cheesy movies.
not to quit wanting someone to hold my hand.
never to lose hope that someone would risk something.
risk something for you to smile their way.

ok i'm done.
i've put a little more love back out into the world.
your turn.

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