Thursday, January 28, 2010

i love my job.

i'm in warm miami.
love it.
so good to see these people.
great to wear a tank top in the winter.
so you might say "i would love your job too!"
but let me explain.

being on the road is different.
you live in a suitcase.
which means you learn to live with wrinkles.
you wear closed toed shoes most of the time.
hence my obsession with chucks.
you usually have some sort of dirt on your face.
you learn NEVER to eat out of the large jar of
peanut butter at craft service.
you just meet the most random and unique people ever.
everyone from all walks of life.
all ages. all states. they become someone you look forward to seeing.
these become friends and family members that you grow to love.
you love them because no one outside of the show could ever understand our job.

they know that a 12 hr work day is a short day.
they know that a golf cart is a hot commodity and will get stolen if a key is left in it.
they ride in a 15 pass van singing alicia keys with you.
they know that your outfit is fashioned around your credential and walkie.
and when we're totally exhausted, they laugh at everything and everything is an inside joke.

you want to know the truth?
my job is not glamorous.
it's just not.
even when i'm in that dressing room.
in a dress and heels.
it's far from what you think.

so when you ask me what i do.
who i've met.
don't be offended if i don't list off the people that take the stage.
because the people that matter to me.
the reason i LOVE my job.
are the people that make the show happen.
the people that built that stage.
that designed the lights.
the ones that put everyone on a plane and got them here.
you what to know why i love my job?
ask me about the people i get to work with.
so when you say to me
"you're lucky, you have a cool job"
but know why you're saying it.
it's not because i do what i do.
it's because i do it with the most amazing people i think you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting.

the people that learned how to drive fork lifts with me.
the people that have hauled tables and chairs all over the compounds.
the people that i've CRIED and screamed with over stupid things like

late talent.

so when you're having thoughts of what you want to do.
wishing your job was different.
know that it's never going to be greener on the other side.
there isn't a perfect job for someone.
every job has it's ups and down.
but just realize.
it's not what you do.
it's who is around you.

here is a picture from my trailer.
a little piece of what i'm seeing.

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  1. I completely agree with you. Well Said Frail.