Tuesday, March 9, 2010

funny story

so i totally forgot to tell anyone this story.
how did that happen?
i love to tell stories.
and this one is sooo funny
well to me it is.

so my dear dear friend amanda and i
were spending a lovely day
in brentwood last weekend
platos closet.

soo we're at the hiking portion of our day.
and i decide to go walking in a neighborhood
that i used to live near.
so we pick a random road to park on.
of course i park on the most steep hill i can find.
my car starts rolling.
we laugh.
i move my car up the street a bit.
as i'm pulling up the hill.
i see them.
4 kids.
one girl walking.
one boy walking/skipping.
one boy on rollerblades.
one big boy on a motorized scooter too small for him.

they see us.
we look at each other.
"those kids look like trouble!"
we laugh.
we should have gone with our instincts.
we sit in our car to change our shoes.
and these kids huddle up.
start talking and looking at us.
they roll, walk and scoot by us.
stare us down.
we look at each other and laugh.
"haha did those kids just stare us down"
we continue to change.
they continue to roll walk and scoot by us again.
rollerblader rolls by us twice.
hands in the pocket of his hand-me-down stone washed jeans.
like he's not up to anything at all?!! haha

at this point we're getting a tad nervous.
"could they attack us?"
we laugh some more.

then they go by again
to the house behind our car
to the garage
at this point
not going to lie
we're nervous.
amanda says "let's just move your car"
haha we're laughing so hard we're about to pee
I say "really, they're like 9?"
"yeah, just pick another road. These kids are about to attack!"
ha we laugh.
stare the kids down.

surely two adults can win in a stare down.
but i can tell amanda is nervous so i decide to move.

we have to drive past them to get off the street.
amanda puts on sunglasses to avoid eye contact.
they come running out of the garage.
towards my car.
two have fake guns.
one has a sword.
hahaha A SWORD.

and i kid you not.
both of the little tikes with guns
PULLED the trigger.
like if it was real
they would have shot us.

we laughed so hard.
it wasn't in our head
they were going to shoot at us
and kid on the scooter that was too small for him
was going to cut us with his plastic sword.

we went and parked somewhere else.
and you better believe when we had to walk past their road.
amanda was really scared.
haha ok we both were.
we walked a little bit faster past those brats house.
who are we kidding.
we were those brats.

life is funny.
that's all.
kids love me.


  1. hahaha i heard your laugh the minute i started reading this.

  2. yeah, a pretty sweet sling shot was my weapon of choice...

  3. only you could get into a potential brawl with a pack of 9 year olds.