Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

new york.
now this is obviously not my first time
working here.
and some of my best friends live here.
so i feel i get to make this observation.
new yorkers.
don't make eye contact.
especially on the train.
now it might be deadly to do so.
and i know we're all very close to each other so
it might be awkward.
but why look at the ground?

this is one of the biggest cities in the world.
with definitely some of the most unique people
from every which corner of this planet.
and you want to walk around with an ipod
and look at your dirty shoes?
you're missing it.
you pay high city taxes so take advantage.
smile at someone.
it might freak them out a bit, trust me i've had a few people think i'm weird.
but why miss it?
why in the biggest most diverse city
would you want people to leave you alone?
why would you not want to notice people.
know where they're going?
why they aren't wearing pants and just a leotard with leopard print tights. (true story)
why does this city insist on keeping it's cool?
everyone wants to be cool and accepted
yet they don't even look at people.
i'm going to crack it
i'm going to change it.
i might get hit with a purse because someone thinks i'm creepy.
but i'm going to figure it out.

and it's pouring here today.
im staying in jersey with aggie.
oh yeah and carrie.
so to get to the city.
i take a bus.
then a train.
so i read and do a lot of people watching.
and it makes me laugh.
we all look like wet dogs.
walking in rain.
a car drove by me as i was waiting for the bus.
and i was about an inch from getting drenched with a lot of dirty water.
bahahah i laughed.
my bus driver laughed at me when i got on.
in rain boots.
a hoodie covering my wet curly hair.
makes me laugh.
today is a good rain day.

in family news....
my mom hit a deer last night.
mama frail is ok don't worry.
car...ehh not so much.
but deer as kat said are "night ninjas"
they come out of no where and usually win.
so as i'm schlupping my wet self to work in my kelly green and pink rain boots.
i can't help but smile.
because last night could have gone a lot different
and mom had some angels watching her.
and so today I have been blessed.
and it's worth smiling over.

and...someone is about to be 2!!!


  1. First off, I can't believe Dyl Bean is almost 2!!

    Secondly, I suggest (or dare) you to start singing a Disney song (Circle of Life came to mind) next time you're on the bus. See what the person beside you does. If the join in, I'm buying you dinner when you get home :)

  2. does it count if it's me she's sitting by? and do i get dinner too? :)