Wednesday, March 3, 2010

make eye contact people.

morning friends.

so the past few days have been so fun.
i've just gotten to be around some fun people.
i've gotten to drive a 8'6" blue van
into a 8'6" parking garage.
i've been blessed to wear a "happy birthday" crown
all day to celebrate a friends birthday.
then go off to run an errand with it on my head.
and i've really gotten to be around some interesting characters.

i'm a huge people watcher.
i always have been.
i remember mr. beck telling us at wzip.
to watch people, if you just watch their actions
you can learn more from them
than anything they could ever tell you.
i love it.
you find out who always leads.
who always looks for guidance.
people who walk fast.
those who are always in the middle.
and people who are too cool to even look up.
or they look so far up and over others heads.
real cool.

i'm going to share something my mama told me.
i know i've told some people but i think it's important.
so i'm going to tell it again.
she said that if you like a guy, don't just look at how he treats you.
look at how he treats others.
so look at how he treats his family. mom. sisters. grandma.
and then she said.
look at how he treats people that he doesn't even know.
cab drivers.
the janitor at work.
does he snub them?
does he make eye contact?
does he even say hello?
she says that is a sign.
anyone can be nice to someone that is their boss.
someone they want to impress.
but how do they treat the people that most people ignore?
and mama.
i have watched ever since.
not just guys.
other strangers.

it's just eye contact
it's just learning someones name.
the janitor Deborah from the Ryman.
it's smiling
saying have a great day.
letting someone know you appreciate them.
and you are in this world with them
we're all in this together.
we all need a "have a good".

we're all human people.
think about it.
if you're rude or ignore your door man.
you're only one person that does that.
imagine how many people a day pretend their not there?
come on.
when did we all start walking around pretending we don't see people.
when did we all get too cool?
take your eyes up from your iphone
and say "hope you have a blessed day"

my friend and i were talking yesterday.
when did it get cool to look like you don't see someone?
i love nashville.
i LOVE it.
but that's one thing i really hate.
a lot of people are trying soooo hard to look like someone.
they forget to be a kind person.
they forget to smile at people.
they forget to look at people that they don't have to look at.

did your mom teach you manners?
if she didn't, go to lima ohio.
and i have a mom that will show you.
my grandma and aunts will teach you too.
plus it will do your heart wonders when you see that person smile
back at you.
they'll probably be in almost shock
that you said hello.

i don't get mad often.
but this is something that will get me fired up.
we need to stop.
trying to isolate ourselves.
go ahead.
do something you think "i don't have to do that!"
do it anyways.
i promise.
it will only start a ripple of something good.

did you find out the name of the waitress at lunch today?
just tell her thank you.
or did you pretend not to see her?
i challenge you.

ok here is something else funny that happened yesterday at work.
i was driving to lowe's and threw my gum out on the high way.
and i pull up to the store.
mentally preparing to get lost in the store
and look dumb not being able to find anything.
and i look out my window.
see it?
on my window.
ha I shouldn't throw it out the window.
i laughed sooo hard in the parking lot.
i'm special.


  1. I can't remember the details so refresh my time I told someone "Bless You" and you laughed at me for days. Haahahaha, can you recall the details?

  2. haha I totally remember laughing so hard at that. I don't remember why or how or when I just remember it didn't fit somehow. Like we were ordering lunch and you were like "I'd like one chicken taco, with guac, have a blessed day and a side of cheese please!" ha

    OK not like that but it made me laugh. and you made that persons day I know it.

    miss you.

  3. i think you need to go dance with the statue of liberty on her corner. she gets lonely and needs appreciation too :) I might even join you lol.

  4. Just so you know, if you happen to not get the gum off and opt to go to the car wash instead and hope it blasts it off, it doesn't. Instead it welds itself to the window and the atoms bond together and the gum and your car become one. Not that I did that.

    btw, LOVE that you are frequenting Lowes you homeowner you;]