Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lindsay vs. nyc

So we work a lot.
and the trip into work is about 1hr and 15 min.
so ummm that's a good chunk of sleeping time there.
i take fulllll advantage of that.
if you're a close friend you'll already know where this is going.

so i sleep every morning on the bus.
ya know, because NO ONE sits by me anyways.
sometimes i'm awaken by my head jerking.
hah you know what i'm talking about.
i do it on the plane all the time too.
you're dreaming and all the sudden you jerk and wake yourself up.
anywho so i sleep but always wake up when we pull into port authority (my bus stop in the city)

well...today i put on my headphones.
because i just bought matt hires album
and..well...i didn't wake up.
on my own that is.
i wake up to the tap on my shoulder
a cute guy none the less.
walking off the bus.
"we're here!"
bahahahah yeah


i start laughing
that's what i do when i feel awkward.
i just laugh
still half asleep walking off the bus laughing
bed head.

and if that wasn't bad enough.
the bus driver starts moving the bus closer to the door
WHILE i'm getting off.
he yells at me
but i'm so out of it i don't know what's going on

so i'm laughing the whole way to work.
mind you i haven't had coffee yet.
and i go to wash my hands.
because ny is dirty.
and i look in the mirror.
and this is tmi.
my zipper on my jeans may or may not have been up.

bahaha i only share because i hope everyone realizes what a hot mess i am
and laughs.
i need someone to take care of me please.
i clearly have lost it and can't do it anymore.

you win this time nyc.

today is Dyl Beans 2nd bday.
two years ago.
the world became awesome.

she eats cake like a lady.

her new bike.
she was testing her helmet out
hitting her head
to make sure it worked.
she's like her mom.

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  1. I love your stories and miss your terribly. Can't wait for you to come home. Dylan is so cute. I love her and I don't even know her.