Thursday, April 1, 2010

if you're looking for love...

i think this is what it looks like...

when your sister from another motha'
tells you she is moving.
and even though you want to selfishly cry.
happiness wells up because you know
it's time for her to shine her light on
all the elderly in florida.

when your aunt sends you a video
telling you which college your cousin
is going to go to and you start crying
because she's growing up!
summer time fun 4 life!

when your baby brother
wants to spend time with you
even though he's 16.
he'll still watch harry potter with you.
on a friday night.
just because you asked.

a mary lemonpoppyseed muffin.
can bring you so much happiness.
for one friend.
and the times you've shared.
at 7:30am
ok 8:15am because we're both always late.
crying and laughing over coffee.
and a muffin.

when you can't think of anything more exciting
than going to your nieces 2nd birthday.

when a friend is going through a rough patch
and another one shows up after a 12 hour shift
with tulips, pizza and cake.

when lady gaga and a lady with a scarf
are at your show cheering for you.
surprising you just to see the look on your face.

when your dad tells you
that you're different than the rest.
and he believes in you when you forget how.

when one of your closest friends is getting married and you can't even
begin to explain to her how happy you are for them.

seeing your sister become a mom.
naturally amazing at it.

i laugh a lot
and am loved a lot.
that is all.


  1. when you stand in the hallway, listening to a song being built behind a half open door.
    when you sit for an hour reading your half-coffee-covered book, just to wait for a friend to get her taxes done.
    when you can't breathe from laughing so hard because someone thinks they do a good dwight impression.

    yeah. that's love.

  2. when your bff's parents send you a "self accupuncture kit" b/c a certain someone just haaad to open her mouth.

    when you lock your friends outside of the house and they happily set up tailgate chairs and a cooler in the parking lot.

    when you suppose to be making a "good" first impression but choose to act a fool and let them pick up your dropped purse belongings all night long.

    you go to graham.

    you pimp a "REDNECK" bumper sticker like a champ.

    you wash her beloved baby pup after she rolled in...well, you know.

    you volunteer to visit your buddy once a month in florida (so you haven't "technically" volunteered, but I'm buying a lounge chair and writing your name on it nonetheless).