Thursday, July 21, 2016

Let's Dance God

So I just had my first guitar lesson. I’ve played for years now, but never took the time to learn from someone better than me. What a gift these lessons already are, the world of music is so large and beautiful, I can’t wait to soak it all up.

We talked for about 10 min and then he said “you have to sing the song you’ve been given. There is no one out there that has listened to all the exact music you’ve listened to, the exact mixture of influences. Only you have the exact song in you, it needs to be sung. You can’t sing or play like me, you can only do what you were made to do.”



His one statement summed up my summer in Texas. With out giving you the 12 hr version of the summer (call if you want to hear it, it's awesome), God just really showed me how much he loves the authentic and real Lindsay. He made me exactly how I am, dancing, singing, laughing, He made me. He didn’t make me you and He showed me this summer He is waiting on me and excited for me to be uniquely me. He was jealous for me this summer in making sure I knew it, he was waiting and what was on the other side was amazing. He took fear off of me and showed me so much joy in going where he’s made for me, there is joy waiting there for me.

He also showed me so much freedom there is in just being me, exactly where I am today, and letting people see me and love me just as I am.

I can’t sing your song, you can’t sing mine, someone needs to hear about Jesus through my song. All the turns, the twist, the melodies that are unique to me, that song needs to be sung.

Thanks God for making us so unique, God please help us continue to want to sing our song. It’s freedom to be who He’s called us to be in Him, and it frees others to be themselves in Him as well. We have to go where He's leading, even if it's weird and totally out of the box. It actually is going to be out of the box, He doesn't fit in the world, not even close. So his plan won't either, but we can trust Him because He's the one waiting to take our hand, spin us around and dance with us. 

I'm so excited for this new season with God, I don’t know what or who it holds in it, but I'm coming home new. I hope there are a lot of songs, videos, random adventures, destinations unknowns. I hope there is dancing in parking lots, dancing in the kitchen, dancing with cute guys ;). I hope it is filled with gut laughter and some tears too. I don’t know what or who is ahead of me, but I know God has already done it and it’s going to be amazing.

Here's a pic from Texas because I love pictures. The place where He sparked my heart yet again.

Thanks God

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  1. Wow Lindsay! Love this!!! Hope to meet you someday!