Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Hydro Flask Broke

I broke my hydro flask at camp this summer... What is a hydro flask you ask?

It’s an amazing water bottle that keeps your drinks ice cold for hours upon hours, literally will keep ice in your bottle for like 12 hrs. It was given to me a few summers ago and I love it, it’s perfect for long runs in the heat and especially perfect for hot summer days at camp. When I broke it I didn't want to throw it away because it's been to many camps with me. It’s marked with dents, scratches and stickers, it’s been lost a few times and re-found. It's not just a water jug, it’s a story in a water bottle.

Anywho, I broke it this summer at Buckner, but kept using it because it was the only water bottle I had. I carried it everyday, broken, and little pieces slowly but surely began falling out. My friend Jillian researched online and found out you can get a new part to replace the broken one FOR FREE!

Yay I was so excited to get home and get this bad boy fixed.

I got home and life just went fast and I forgot about my hydro flask.  I have tons of cups and bottles at home,  but when you're at camp and it's your only one it's easy to remember it's broken. At home however, when you have tons of cups, its easy to forget to fix the broken one.

Yesterday I saw it in my sink and thought “Oh yeah, it’s broke and completely free to fix it, how did I forget to fix it?"

God shows us goodness in everything, even a flask. And right there at my sink I just heard God talk to me.

Don’t forget things that I’ve shown you are broke, let them get fixed for free. Don’t get comfortable carrying something that’s broken, don’t get used to broken. Let things become new.

I don't want to just settle and use all the other cups, I want this one fixed, right now. In a year when I have to go to camp and it's 100 degrees out in Texas ;), I’ll want cold water. I need to fix my flask now or else next summer I’ll still have a broken flask and still have warm water.

Don't forget the broken things that God has shown you. He always shows you a way to fix it through Him.

Why would we settle for broken when it's free to get a new one?

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