Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Love Them.

Have you ever not liked someone?

Be Honest.

You see them and think “hey If I never have to know them I’d be ok!” or “they’re kind of a tool, I’ll avoid eye contact and move on with life? “

If you know me at all you would know that I really do love people, like probably too hard and too fast for their comfort. If you’ve known me since I was a kid you would know that it was literally God who changed me because I wasn’t always friendly. Although I won’t get the love thing perfect until heaven, I just always want to get closer and closer to loving like Jesus loves.

Anywho, I’ll keep this short and sweet, God is working on this with me. I used to notice if I didn’t like someone and just walk away from them, no big deal. We don’t have to be friends with everrrrryyyyonneee.  But then the Lord started turning my heart to it, it wasn’t that I have to be friends with everyone, It’s that he tells me not to hate people. So if He brings someone into my life or your life, and you find yourself not liking them, something is moving there.

The more I feel that, and talk with God on it, everytime He has me walk towards that person and talk to them. Learn their story, sharpen my heart, take out what’s ugly and put in what God there.

My favorite part is that some of the most amazing, most impactful people in my life today were people I can vividly remember thinking “ehh I don’t want to know them!”

And everytime God goes “I love them”, everytime.

I don’t know why I’m writing this tonight, maybe I’ve written about this before but today is a new day.

I guess the point is, meet people, and if there is someone you don’t like there is a blessing right on the other side of knowing them. Find out who they are, maybe they need to know you, maybe you need to know them, or maybe God just wants to continue to show you how much He loves them. And just to love them, talk to them because God says it's what He wants. Who knows, maybe I'm the one that people don't want to be friends with and God is telling you to talk to me, a friendship in the making :) 

I’m thankful for God, I’m thankful He opens my eyes to show me it’s Him that loves people first, not me. I’m thankful that He gives me opportunity to see how much He’s making me like Him. I'm thankful that when I see someone now I'm not sure of I get excited and think "ohhh I can't wait to see how this turns out." I’m thankful that the time it takes for me to go from “eh I don’t want to talk to them” to “Hi I’m Lindsay” is getting shorter and shorter.

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