Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lil' Frail in the houuuseee

So I love this show.
I've been laughing so hard.
me on a hip hop show. 
i'm learning a lot.
haha to say the least.

we all came up with our own hip hop names.
I'm lil' frail.

i've got another story.
of nyc vs. lindsay

so c pad and I were riding on the subway the other day.
and we weren't sure which stop was our venue stop.
so anyone that has ever rode the train, knows the doors don't stay open long.
so we stop, and she decides we should get off there.
she walks off.
the door starts shutting.
i was not about to stick my arm in it.
carrie looks back
i stare in confusion.
i try to open it with my finger (like that would work)
and out of instinct, yell "carrrriieeee" 
ahha and realize what i just yelled like a child, we start laughing.
she is standing on the dock as it pulls away.
im standing in the train.
laughing. uncontrollably. 
i turn around and EVERYONE on the train is laughing.
i couldn't believe i got stuck on the train.
and then yelled like a little girl.
haha laughed the whole ride.
when i got to the venue. 
we were crying laughing.
haha the little things. 
we're special sometimes.

here is the view from my hotel.
so cute.

miss my nashville. 
see you next friday.

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  1. I love your subway story. I'm sitting here at work reading it and laughing my ass off. Miss you tons, see you on Friday!