Sunday, September 27, 2009

gold and blue.

i loved college.
loved university of akron.
zip for life. 

sure our sports weren't apart of the big ten.
but it was our school.
big enough to meet new people.
but just getting off the ground enough to run it.
bye bye bob's.
hello huuuge stadium
we have a new stadium.
they basically squashed all our favorite hang out places.
put this bad boy directly on top.
if you look in the bottom right hand corner.
basically underneath the stadium.
you'll see my sorority house.

ha the stadium is a tad out of place.
but i'm happy for it.
happy for the new students.
i hope you love it like i loved it.

i hope you toilet paper houses.
go paint the rock.
paint the rock right after someone else did ;)
gain the freshman 20 (or 30)
i hope you learn when to go eat at the cafeteria 
(whenever the football and baseball team eats) ;)
i hope you cookout and play volleyball all summer.
be a student orientation leader. 
sure it's nerdy.
but it'll be the best summer ever.

listen to wzip.
be proud that it's the number ONE college radio station in the country.
lay out on the lawn. 
even though it's ohio and you'll never get a tan.
play intramurals.
even if the other team rips your sweatpants off in the middle of the game.
play hard.
go greek.
get involved.
it's only 4 years (or 7 for some)
love it all.


  1. this gave me chills. well done. the good ol' days.

  2. Ahhh...memories. If it wasn't for Akron and WZIP, we never would have met.

    And the stadium looks like it's out of place. What once would have been a view of a tiny parking lot from my old bedroom window (remember I used to live in the blue house with Jeremiah just down the road from your sorority house), and it's now that giant thing.


  3. OMG i loved this...and i love you!