Sunday, September 20, 2009

she can make anyone smile.

name- Dylan maranto
age-  Almost 1 1/2 years old! wow
eye color- brown eyed girl
hair- ha as if you could miss it
job- making the world a better place.

my brother in law's mom donna sent these, and they made my life. 
i didn't know you could love someone this much. 
funny thing is she makes so many peoples life that much brighter.
she has no idea that she is the smile of so many days.

First one, just chillin like a villian.

lunch break. i mean what? 
everyone eats with their hands. 
and wears it.

even with food all over. no one can resist the smile.

hahaha please notice the hair.

hahahah and this one. 
first off.
i stand by the thought of a musical prodigy.

i can't not laugh.
she rocks.
I wanted to share with everyone.
i hope she makes you smile too.

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