Sunday, September 6, 2009

trust yourself.

I'm in Harlem. 
I like saying that.
It makes me feel brave for some reason.
Like, this little small town girl, is staying in Harlem and is Still alive.

I must say I love it. 
I go running by the river.
there is a church next door.
You can hear the sermon and the singing.
It is a great city, truly.
sure makes me miss nashville though.

Last weekend we went to Raleigh. 
So fun.
We laughed and sang and danced at concerts. 
Visited old friends.
Made new friends.
And we also watched city of angels.
one part. 
hit hard. 
I loved it.

Seth: You're an excellent doctor. 
Maggie: How do you know? 
Seth: I have a feeling. 
Maggie: That's pretty flimsy evidence. 
Seth: Close your eyes. It's just for a moment. 
touches her hand
Seth: What am I doing? 
Maggie: You're... touching me. 
Seth: Touch. How do you know? 
Maggie: Because, I feel it. 
Seth: You should trust that. You don't trust it enough. 

I loved it.
How often do we go against our feelings?
Just because something isn't PHYSICALLY there.
is it wrong?
feelings are never wrong, correct?
You feel what you feel? 
they may not be easy or fit into your life.
but they are real.

I think sometimes we search for approval.
we want to be "right"
not to be called foolish. 
wait for the right timing.

what if we didn't? 

what if we went with what we felt and just had faith the rest would fall into place?
Too many scared people. 
afraid to be what they feel.
terrified to love who they have feelings for.

It's almost like we're all OK with being the same.
In fact, we LONG to be the same.
Same size, same outfit, same home. 

It's like we're afraid to be anything above average.
Why, because we might have to take a step alone?
Take a step in the dark.
Risk something on someone, with out knowing what will be?

Just go.
on feelings and not what "makes sense"
As kat would say "go team nike".
Just do it.

That's all on that. 
they are real. 

this is a picture of Lara and I bowling.
it makes me happy.
she makes me smile.

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