Sunday, October 3, 2010

fall time.

i love fall.
most people do.
it's beautiful in nashville.

pumpkin spice lattes
macintosh yankee candle
haunted corn fields
the smell of bonfires
wearing my osu hoodie
Christmas music. yes. I start early.
apple cider
carving pumpkins.
usually carving pumpkins poorly.
my moms potato soup.
with lumps in it. haha aka dumplings.
riding with the windows down and the heat on.
my CMA family
they're always prettier in fall.

that's all for now.
just a few happy thoughts.

this one right here.
she's getting married.
couldn't be happier for her.
it's a blessed thing.
when you get to have joy for a friend.
some people never get to feel that.

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