Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's a ripple

so i did a lot of me time today.
just thinking.
me and God.
driving in my car.
shopping for dresses for the show.
i do a lot of thinking when i'm alone.
tooo much thinking.

but i was thinking of a convo my cousin michael and i had 3 weeks ago.
we're both very similar.
we think we can change the world.
we know we can.
we both barely sleep.
our minds are always moving.
we feel like we can't take a day off.
because people are always watching.
we feel like we have to shine all the time because we don't want to miss anyone.
maybe we're going to exhaust ourselves.
but i dont know.
no one said loving people would be easy.
no one said leading this world was simple.
yes. i'm a world leader.

and if you've never thought this about yourself.
i feel bad for you.
because you can
you are.
whether you like it or not.
you're changing this world.
life is a ripple.
you don't get a choice in that.
you only get a choice in if it's a positive ripple or not.

michael said to me "linds we're ignorant to think our life is only about us. we're foolish to think every decision doesn't effect people we'll never meet!"

maybe you didn't know it.
but when you honked your horn at that car the other day.
there was a little boy in that car you honked at.
he saw it.
he saw that anger.
and somewhere.
he kept it.
and someday it'll come out.
maybe while driving he'll honk.
or maybe he'll be a yeller.
or maybe worse. who knows.
and you'll never know you taught him that.

but you did.

or that time you were at the grocery.
you were in a hurry.
and the clerk was kind of grumpy.
she said something.
you didn't have time for her.
it would have been easier to just say thanks have a great day.
but you decided
to tell her it'll be ok, we all have those days.
you shared a laugh with her.
smiled with her, she looked like she needed that.
it took no more time.
but she instantly felt a little bit better.

she smiles at the next customer.
the next customer was having a horrible day.
but now that the clerk is smiling....his day gets a little bit better too.

please know.
let's not be so blind.
our life is not about just us.
we will effect people we will never meet.
you will in some way....have an effect on my kids someday.
you will somehow have an impact on the future leader of this country.
somehow someway. something you say. a wave. a kind gesture.

so what do you want to pass on.
it can be as easy as just smiling at strangers
i know it sounds simple.
but a smile is just as contagious as a dirty look.
and a laugh.
well i truly believe a laugh is stronger than any medicine
something about it.
i truly think it goes deep into the soul.

so tomorrow.
just try.
it's not always easy.
trust me i can be the biggest grump of all.
but try.
to pass something on.
something worth passing on to people you'll never meet.

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